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Over Dock Door Pallet Storage

From time-to-time, warehouses will find they have a surplus of empty pallets, especially after major deliveries, or before busy seasons. Those pallets need to be stored somewhere and kept where they can be accessed easily for future use.

The areas above each loading dock door are probably empty in most warehouses. That space can be used for pallet storage.

Over Dock Door Pallet Storage

Over dock door pallet storage systems can help with this type of storage problem. They remain conveniently located for immediate use, yet when stored over the loading dock doors they are out of the way in what is frequently unused space.

Over dock door, pallet storage solves several other problems. First, clutter is cleared from the loading dock keeping the warehouse organized and tidy. In addition, pallets are not stored in areas needed for higher-value items. Finally, stacks of pallets on the floor can sometimes be dangerous.


Over the dock door pallet, storage systems can be mounted on the floor and usually need to be wall supported as well.

For a floor mount, an upright frame is anchored to the cement slab and rises to a height well above the dock doors. Usual installations have two shelves above each 9’ dock door. Heavy-duty wall ties ensure the frame is stable, and the installation works around the door height and other fixtures in the building. Some systems can have additional storage between each door.

Ceiling supported over dock door pallet storage systems are welded or bolted to the building’s roof trusses. The lack of floor legs prevents interference with forklifts. Ceiling supported systems require consultation with the building architect before and often during construction.

The system can be equipped with safety-netting or steel mesh rackback for added security.

Installation and Use

In a facility with a concrete slab, the supporting post is anchored with four bolts. Most over door systems do not have a front post to avoid damage to posts, trucks, and forklifts. The heavy-duty wall ties are anchored at appropriate heights.

These installations are best suited for empty pallet and light storage needs. A two-shelf setup will add roughly 100 square feet of “floor” storage to the facility over each door.

A standard frame installation is possible if walls cannot handle an additional load from wall ties. Each shelf is made with load beams that are bolted to the frame. Supports are installed at each pallet position.

Another main benefit of this system is the ability to keep a visual inventory of the number of pallets in the facility.

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