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Plastic Shelf Bins

Everyone can use plastic shelf bins. Whether you use them around your office, storage room, supply room or warehouse, plastic storage bins are an affordable and efficient way to organize and store supplies and parts.

By incorporating plastic shelf bins into your shelving system, you’ll make life much easier for you and your employees. They will keep parts organized, from laying around or being scattered all over and can prevent errors and confusion by using a color-coded system. In other words, a place for everything and everything in its place

All industries have unique storage requirements, and a simple plastic shelf bin that is durable, reusable and easy to move will help organize and improve the appearance of your work area.

The reusable plastic containers are safe from water damage and are Size to fit on standard sizes of shelving efficiently. Shelf bins do not stack on top of each other, whereas stacking hopper front Akrobins bins are the answer if you do want to stack.


Plastic shelf bins are versatile and easy to clean.

These plastic shelf bins sit on a shelving unit, can be placed on a single-sided pick rack system or double-sided pick rack system, bench rack or canbe used as a stand-alone.

The smooth walls of the bins make it much easier to clean as opposed to mesh, metal or wood storage bins. Simply wipe them down with a damp, clean cloth.


When each item is organized appropriately in the bins, it will keep the cluttered look out and improve productivity.

Label holders available which make it easy to identify specific items. This helps the staff to easily and quickly access each item and manage inventory more efficiently.

When they are empty, you can store them inside of each other to help maximize your space.

Plastic shelf bins come in a multitude of colors, so you can easily color-code your inventory storage system to quickly identify which items are stored in which bin. Also,harmonize with the colors of your work area.

Available Accessories

These plastic shelf bins have different accessories available including lids, width dividers, bin cups,and labels.

Width dividers are great options that help maximize your use of space inside the drawers. You can separate different size components of the same product making identifying and selecting much easier.

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