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Mobile Benches

Mobile Benches

Flexibility can be added to any workplace by adding mobile workstations, especially mobile benches. Mobile benches bring the worker to where the work needs to be done, saving time and money.

Another advantage of mobile benches is the ease of storage. At the end of the shift, they can be moved out of the way, ensuring the custodial staff has access to all areas for cleaning. Mobile benches can also be stored in awkward spaces and corners.

Mobile Benches
Mobile benches come in a range of styles, suitable for a wide variety of workspaces and work to be performed. Heights and widths vary.

Most mobile benches have high-quality wheels. Brakes are on all four wheels to ensure the bench stays in place while being used. Benches with steel, plastic, or laminated maple wood tops are available.

Open Benches
Many benches will have an open base supporting the work surface. The open frame allows the worker to sit on a bench or a chair with their legs underneath, as if at a table or desk.

Open base benches frequently have a small lower shelf. Some have drawers under the surface. Some benches may also have an electric cord built in.

Cabinet Benches
Cabinet benches allow the worker to bring tools and materials along when moving the bench. They can be securely kept under lock and key when not in use. This type of bench does not allow the legs to go under the worktop when sitting.

Most cabinet benches will have two doors enclosing the cabinet. The full cabinet can be divided into two sections. One side could have bins, and the other drawers or shelves. Most shelves are adjustable.

Many mobile benches are more like mobile cabinets. With features such as drawers, bins, and shelves, they bring necessary tools and equipment along with you.

Heavy duty benches, made from 12- or 14-gauge steel, are great for the industrial worksite. Many have handles to assist in moving and have an overhang increasing the size of the work surface. Some mobile benches have storage available on all four sides.

Laboratory benches need to be easy to clean and keep sterile. The surface materials on the mobile benches are made of durable sterile materials and can be made of stainless steel for hospital or clean-room applications.

Many mobile laboratory benches can be fitted with cabinets and shelves as other mobile benches are. Cantilever shelving can add to the utility of these benches for the laboratory.

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