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Modular work benches

Modular work benches

A modular workbench is one way you can make sure each of your team members has exactly what they need as they design, build and track products throughout the day.

What Is a Modular Workbench?
These versatile workstations are whatever you need them to be. Because of their design, these structures can line up together in a row or loop around in a U to make a collaborative office within your factory or warehouse. They are ergonomic and fully customizable, so workers can sit or stand, add a computer or a footrest.

. If you need a technician’s station, an accountant’s desk, a set of manual wire harness workbenches or a place to keep tools and do small project work, a modular workbench is the solution.

What Options Do I have with Modular Workbenches?
You can add footrests to make sure your workers are comfortable during a long shift. Electronic accessories are also available to keep computers and other electronics connected and functioning no matter where they are.

Each bench is customizable, so the smallest to the tallest employee can have a place to work that fits them physically. Also, several models come with a hand crank to raise or lower the different shelves and main body of the bench, so employees can choose to work standing or sitting. Drawers can be added and have a locking option to keep documents and small pieces safe. Other options such as Pop Up Ball Workbenches to help transfer materials already in production can also be ordered.

Control massive loads from the comfort of your modular workbench. Point of Use gravity-fed benches that bring small packages directly to the worker and Complete Packaging workbenches that allow for wrapping up and sorting small deliveries and letters are another specialized option.

No matter what you need, Shelving + Rack Systems can get you exactly the workbench your employees you need. These designs are ergonomic, easy and affordable as well as adjustable.

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