Shipping Benches

Making your shipping department more efficient is an ongoing goal for companies like yours. If you are looking for an easy way you can use to increase shipping product flow, maximize space, and make things easier on your hard-working employees, then our shipping benches are a great addition to your operation.

Shipping Bench Overview
The goal of workbenches is to increase your operation’s efficiency and make your job easier. Shipping benches are a type of workbench that can be used for packing and shipping. Features of each can vary, but they are all beneficial.

Dimensions of shipping benches vary; standard options can be added to best suit your space and needs.

The most common top material is heavy-duty steel, other top materials include electrostatic dissipative steel, high-pressure laminate, compressed wood, and laminated maple butcher block. Colors vary as well.

Shipping benches typically have adjustable knock-out legs that allow access to multiple electrical outlets at once. It is also possible to choose additional panels and risers that come already equipped with duplex outlets and circuit breaker, so not having an available electricity source is no longer an issue.

Other parts are adjustable as well, making it easier to position and reach whatever is needed. Shipping benches can come with shelves both above and below the bench, which allows for out-of-the-way storage that increases your space and is also easily accessible.

You can choose from a wide range of accessories such as lower and higher shelves, electronic risers, caster kits, pedestals, and extra drawers.

Shipping Bench Benefits
Shipping benches promote organization and increase productivity.

Our shipping benches also promote proper ergonomics. Users can adjust them to their height, which encourages correct standing posture. These items are typically ergonomically engineered so you can find the adjustments that are perfect for you and your body while you are packing product and preparing them for shipments.

Shipping benches significantly improve the aesthetics of your work areas and help improve employee’s morale also.

Overall, the right shipping benches, properly outfitted will increase the speed of your workflow.

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