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Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap is very durable. It provides security and protection for your products during shipping and storage. Stretch wrap can prevent loss and tampering, protects goods from the weather elements, product from damage when being handled in a warehouse and protects workers from loose product.

Delicate goods are subject to loss, breakage or outside contaminants when boxes are stacked or moved during the shipping process. It keeps boxes well-contained on pallets without damage to the contents and can prevent water or liquid damage during shipping or offsite storage during transit.

Stretch wrap is the best and most cost-effective solution for securing goods on pallets. It also keeps the merchandise stable on the pallet, so they can be securely moved with a pallet jack or forklift, which helps avoid employee accidents.

Stretch wrap is available in different types, thicknesses, widths, colors, and opacity.


Stretch wrap comes in two main types, cast and blown. Cast wrap is clear, clings on both sides and typically is clear. Cast wrap has a slightly lower relative load capacity than blown wrap. It tears more easily and is less expensive than a blown wrap. Cast film is quiet when it is applied. Generally, cast wrap will be the film of choice for most applications.

Blown wrap is tougher than cast wrap and can hold heavier loads. It resists tears more effectively and is typically opaque from the plastic crystallizing during the manufacturing process. When applying blown film, it generally emits a loud screech as it is being stretched.


Stretch wrap comes in a variety of thicknesses, from 37-gauge to 150-gauge. The higher the gauge, the thicker and sturdier the wrap. The thicker wraps are more suitable for heavier loads. Some films are available pre-stretched, providing savings in cost.


Film is available in several widths- some of the more common are hand wrap 3” for bundling parts, 18” hand wrap for bundling pallets and pre-stretched hand wrap used by many moving companies. Machine wrap is available 20” and 30” wide. How it is applied to the load being wrapped and what you want to accomplish will help determine what film is best for what application. For example, 80-gauge film can be used with heavier boxes and bundles. 5” bands of this wrap can hold a shipment of light lumber together, while 20” machine grade stretch wrap film will secure pallets holding steel beams and 55-gallon drums.

Opaque Stretch Wrap

Because thieves cannot see through it, the opaque stretch wrap can deter pilferage. Another common use for colored opaque film is to help visually identify your pallets. Opaque film can help protect the contents from potential ultraviolet light damage, as well as preventing print from fading because of sun exposure. Items stored outdoors under wrap for more than eight weeks should use an opaque stretch wrap for UV protection.

The opaque stretch wrap can prevent rain damage, as well as keep dust out of the shipment.

Useful in Many Circumstances

Construction firms and professional movers use stretch wrap to move mirrors, windows, and framed artwork safely. Landscapers and nurseries use stretch wrap to move bulk items like brick and pavers and safely transport living cargo. Bagged mulch is easily moved in bulk when wrapped, as are ornamental rocks, and live trees. Vented stretch wrap keeps the trees safe during shipping, but also allows them to breathe.

Paper, carpeting, wire reels, and clay all benefit from stretch wrapped shipments. Stretch wrap also protects refrigerated goods with an air-tight environment, which is likely to aid in preserving proper temperature and keep out insects. It can prevent bruising of fresh produce by reducing movement.

Other information

Stretch wrap is environmentally responsible; it is recyclable at facilities which accept soft plastics.

Facilities which wrap more than 10-15 loads daily should consider a stretch wrapping machine to gain the benefits of lower labor costs and less film being used

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