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Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Throughout time, you may see the need to update your business’ equipment to accommodate an increase in company size or output or to keep up with modernizing equipment standards. When updating your equipment, you will need to remove old equipment to allow space for the new equipment’s arrival and installation. While you can opt to recycle the material, there is also the option of reselling old equipment. This optionwill put cash back into your business, which you can use toward the purchase of new equipment.

What Equipment Can You Trade in or Sell?
At Shelving + Rack Systems, we take in trade and buy your used warehouse and storage equipment from businesses across thecountry. When updating equipment for your business, you can receive a quote from us on equipment like belt conveyors, wrapping machines, vertical and horizontal carousels, and other warehouse storage equipment. We also purchase pallet racks of all sizes and styles, including pushback pallet racks, drive-in and drive-through pallet racks, pallet flow racks.

We purchase almost any warehouse equipment that is in good, used condition. We specialize in purchasing bulk quantities of warehouse equipment. In fact, we will liquidate your facility.

There is no quantity too large, so you don’t have to worry about separately disposing of large, bulky equipment. You can expect to receive top dollar for your business’ used equipment when selling to Shelving + Rack Systems, so you will have more money to put towards your business’ updating needs.

Why Should You Sell?
There is no doubt that getting money for your equipment is a benefit to any business or warehouse. However, there are other benefits involved in selling your used materials. If you need to remove or dispose of large quantities of warehouse equipment, Shelving + Rack Systemswill travel to you, no matter where in the country your business is located.

We will remove equipment, even in huge quantities. This will allow you more time to focus on your business. Letting us handle the disposal of your used equipment will save you money, hassle, and time.

Buying Used Equipment
You can purchase equipment and parts in used, good condition as well. This can cut costs when expanding. In some cases, newer equipment can also be purchasedin used condition.

Your Company’s Carbon Footprint
Another great benefit to selling your business’ used material and equipment is reducing your environmental impact. Selling and purchasing used material is a great way to reuse and repurpose old equipment, helping cut down on non-biodegradable waste filling the landfills. Boosting your company’s environmental consciousness can boost employee morale as well.

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