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Welding Benches

A solid and well-constructed welding bench is among the most essential tools in a welder’s workspace.

Our welding benches are constructed with the highest quality of steel and considerable attention to detail.

Welding Benches Constructed for Safety

Constructed from 100% steel,these welding benches dramatically reduce work-related fire hazards associated with welding compared to tables made from wood or plastic.

The welding benches are well-suited for a variety of welding applications. Small and large industrial, educational, and commercial enterprises have had excellent results.

Rugged, sturdy, and able to withstand years of heavy use, steel workbenches show minor wear and tear even with daily use for extended periods. The quality construction guarantees years of reliable use. Whether you choose a solid steel work surface or one with aremovable grating, strength and durability are guaranteed for all our products.

Configured for Your Needs

The variety of length and width options sold fit virtually every type of welding space,providing efficient use of floor space per square foot.

Varying height options allow you to fit the ergonomic needs and preferences of the users. Select one of the height-adjustable benchesto accommodate welders of different heights and body types.

Let us help you determine what works best for your operations. Our experts can assist you in planning new space or retrofitting and making better use of existing space.

Benches are available with drawers too for storage of supplies and equipment.

Solid, Quality Steel Construction

Depending on your needs, you can purchase a welding bench with a solid steel work surface area or removable steel grating surface top. Those with steel grating feature a pullout drawer, making it easier for workers to keep materials and tools organized and on hand.

Benches with a raised steel back and sides or shields for arc welding help keep your employees safe. Adding see-thru filters allows the safe observation by others.

The prefabricated benches require no special assembly or professional expertise for installation.

No matter what the welding requirements of your business may be, we havethe right high-quality welding bench to meet your specifications.

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