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Carton Flow Racks

Many commercial enterprises use carton flow racks. These racks increase labor efficiency and decrease the amount of space required for storing supplies and inventory.

Carton Flow Rack Design

Carton flow racks take advantage of gravity to restock product and supplies. These racks have shelves angled sloping down and use rollers or bed wheels to propel product to the front of the storage rack automatically.

You load this type of rack from the back of the rack. The design increases efficiency if you use a first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory rotation. This is a particularly important if your deal in products that spoil easily and where expiration dates play a critical role in the production and delivery cycle.

Carton flow racks are designed to be durable, sturdy, and effortless to use for product rotation.

Using Carton Flow Racks to Improve Efficiency

The sloped design of carton flow racks uses gravity to reduce the burden of rotating and repositioning stock on employees. They decrease the amount of time and energy spent restocking by employees, thereby increasing labor efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness per employee.

The angle used to convey the product to the front of the rack gently is optimized to protect the product contained in the cartons, while also ensuring the cartons are restocked promptly.

Labor efficiency is also increased through improved speed of order picking for employees who expend less time and effort finding and removing cartons from the racks.

Optimizing Your Storage Space

Carton flow racks are an excellent high-density storage solution. Use of carton flow racks improves the ratio of usable storage per square foot of floor space. They take up less space than other storage solutions such as pallet racks or flat storage shelving systems and allowing for vertical optimization of storage areas.

Most carton flow racks allow multiple lanes of cartons. The product remains highly visible to employees.

Selecting Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racks are available in a variety of dimensions to meet your needs. You can select or adjust to accommodate different SKUs and product changes.

Other considerations in selecting appropriate carton flow racks include carton weight, the anticipated quantity of cartons being rotated over time, and the type of product or supplies contained within.

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