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Industrial Guard Railing

Industrial Guard Railing


Safety should be at the forefront of any warehouse layout. Warehousing and fulfillment can be dangerous industries to work in, particularly when heavy machinery and forklift use are common. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 5% of warehouse employees suffer injuries or illnesses every year. In 2020, there were 21 work-related fatalities in the warehousing industry.

The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a regulatory body that outlines a set of warehouse safety best practices. A key aspect of warehouse safety is ensuring pallet racks and shelving are properly reinforced. Machine handling equipment and forklifts can cause severe damage to storage racks, jeopardizing their structural integrity and creating a serious operational risk.

An industrial guardrail system protects your storage equipment from harm, and it can also reduce the risk of employee injury and inventory damage. Several types of protective guardrails are available for different industrial environments, including single, double, drop-in and lift-out, and polymer rails.

How Industrial Guardrails Work

Industrial guardrails are straightforward but highly effective workplace safety tools. They are designed for two primary purposes. First and foremost, they act as a physical barrier or safety guard, protecting your storage equipment and inventory from collisions with forklifts or heavy machinery. Metal guardrails can absorb a significant amount of impact from collisions, distributing the force through the rail.

They also provide visual guides for warehouse operators, helping them navigate the workplace safely. Usually coated in safety yellow or bright colors, safety railing steers plant vehicles away from racking or building walls. Whether you want to reduce the injury rate or create a more efficient work environment, installing a safety guard rail system is an excellent approach.

Types of Industrial Guardrails

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide a broad range of warehouse equipment, including protective equipment and collision safety systems. Guardrails are available in various styles and sizes for specific storage equipment. Warehouse managers must ensure their facility safety guardrail systems are created to fit their specific space.

If you’re planning a safety upgrade for your warehouse or storage facility, consider the following guardrail options:

Single rails

Single beam protective rails effectively protect inventory stored at the ground floor level. A single rail safety guardrail is typically installed close to the ground, acting as a machinery guard against a light vehicle or rolling cart.

The size of single guardrails makes them a perfect damage protection option for shelving and low pallet racking systems. However, they may not provide enough vertical protection for tall, heavier vehicles in large warehouses.

Our single, extra heavy-duty steel safety guardrail from Jesco Industries is a solid protection option for your warehouse. The angled iron joints are continuously welded, providing stability and protection from a range of impact levels due to errant vehicle contact. Constructed from 4-inch square tubing and finished in coated safety yellow, these rails are easy to see, even in heavy vehicular traffic areas.

We also supply JescoGard machinery guards. This type of equipment guard is available in a range of sizes, ensuring it works perfectly in a variety of industrial traffic guardrail systems. Built from 7-gauge steel, it is one of the strongest security barriers we stock. You can choose between 36 or 48-inch guardrail height options.


Double rails

A double rail system typically offers twice the height of a single guardrail. It is easier to see than a single safety rail, creating clear visual cues for machine and vehicle operators. Warehouse management must consider vehicular traffic when determining the optimum height of rail systems.

Our double industrial guardrail pipe systems are designed to provide industrial workplace protection from modern vehicles in warehouses or plant offices. Each pipe is coated in high-density polyethylene, providing chemical and temperature resistance.

These safety steel guardrail systems are suitable for cold storage or harsh industrial environments. This makes it a perfect option for the food industry or agriculture industry, where contamination is a serious risk. They come pre-assembled, ensuring quick access to your new facility’s safety steel guardrail.

We also supply JescoGard double rails that display excellent safety barrier impact resilience against machine contact. They offer excellent protection for upright posts, wood, metal, docks, conveyors, and warehouse equipment.

These security railings contain self-closing hinges, allowing operators to pass through the barrier without worrying about closing the gate. The safety yellow finish helps guide forklift operators through the facility.

Drop-in and lift-out rails

Drop-in and lift-out safety railings are different from the majority of safety guardrails. They provide damage protection and temporary pedestrian access through hinges, gates, or openings.

This can improve productivity levels in high-volume areas where frequent access behind rails is routinely required. The safety barriers allow warehouse operators to focus on their work while reducing the chances of injury.

We provide several drop-in and lift-out rails for industrial environments, with varying grades of steel safety. Our twin rail with quick disconnect meets OSHA guidelines for personal fall protection systems. It comes with quick-release rails that can be bolted together for further stability.

Individual posts come with a variety of post options:

  • In-line post
  • End post
  • Corner post

These steel posts are powder coated, providing excellent durability in busy warehouses. Choose from 4, 6, 8, or 8-foot lengths to meet your safety needs.

We also stock industry standard ribbed guard rails. They are excellent heavy-duty collision safety systems manufactured using 10-gauge, high-tensile steel, ensuring long-lasting durability. The rails can be secured at various floor angles. However, mounting hardware is sold separately.

Polymer rails

Polymer rails are becoming a popular, cost-effective protective option for warehouses. They retain their color, removing the need for frequent repainting and maintenance. A flexible polymer safety guardrail has excellent impact resistance against machinery contact.

Contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. to check availability if you require flexible polymer safety barriers.

Other Industrial Safety Products

In addition to industrial guardrails, we also stock a number of additional warehouse safety products, including:

  • Safety netting
  • Aisle marking tape
  • Column protectors
  • Rail fixtures and fittings
  • Storage cabinets
  • Spill containment materials
  • Safety apparel

Keep Your Equipment Safe With Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality warehouse equipment, from entire pallet racking systems to small industrial safety products. We also offer a number of additional services, including professional equipment installations.

Our factory-trained, professional installation team helps ensure your guardrails are assembled and installed safely and correctly. For more information on our services, call us today at (800) 589-7225.

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