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Industrial Guard Railing

Industrial Guard Railing

Industrial guard railing is essential to workplace safety. Whether you’re protecting equipment from surrounding machinery or you’re helping your employees work safely and efficiently, a guardrails system helps to maintain easy access in the workplace, even in high volume or heavy-duty areas.

How Industrial Guard Rails Work

Industrial guard rails act as highly visible reminders of hazards and absorb the impact of collisions by flexing and distributing the force along the line of the rail or rails, depending on whether you have a single or double rail system. Engineered to withstand a 10,000 lb load at a 4 mph collision with proper installation, a guard rail system protects the workplace with a defensive wall of steel. Warehouse guard rails are a must for any high volume work environment.

Double and Single Rails

Your choice between single or double rails depends on the busyness, volume, and traffic in the workplace. Single rails are 18” high, whereas double rails are 44” high, and they’re the bread and butter of industrial guard railing.

Drop-In and Lift-Out Rails

Drop-in or lift-out rails allow you to reconfigure the walk-way, aisle, pallet areas according to your needs. They provide excellent solutions for high-volume areas where frequent access behind rails is routinely required. Highly visible lift-out rails do two primary things: they provide easy access to those who need it while reducing any unnecessary extra wear-and-tear of heavy-duty machinery.

Fixed Barriers

Fixed barriers allow employers to delineate areas where forklifts and other heavy machinery should never be used. By fixing barriers where you intend for no heavy machinery to ever venture, you also help to increase the longevity of the flooring, shelving, and other equipment in that area by preventing unnecessary wear-and-tear. This helps to eliminate the risk of added expenses due to damage or employee injury.

Other Industrial Guardrails System Options

Machine robot guards protect your workers from preventable accidents and injuries, while pedestrian handrails provide you with a low-cost way of increasing the safety and productivity of your employees. Safety netting is another option for additional protection, especially for areas where an extra measure of prevention could mean the difference between a minor annoyance and a serious, life-altering accident.

Consider installing a system of industrial guard railing and safety netting in order to maximize the efficiency and security of your workplace, your equipment, and all who work for you.

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