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Wire Shelving

Every business has storage needs. Offices need to store office supplies, restaurants need to store dry goods and frozen food, and warehouses need to store items from small to large sizes on their shelves.

Every business has different storage needs. All companies, however, need sturdy, accessible storage for small items. Dedicating storage units to these small items will make sure items do not get lost. They also ensure that people can readily access them without the use of conveyors, lifts, or other mechanical devices.

Wire shelving is an excellent solution to these storage needs. Wire shelving provides easily accessible sturdy storage for many items.

Wire shelving

At its core, wire shelving is steel wire welded together. Each shelf is framed with trussed wire and contains a steel wire mesh. Shelves are available in a variety of materials and finishes – chrome and bright zinc finish; to prevent corrosion stainless steel and epoxy coated in a variety of colors are trusted options.

Round posts support the shelving units and have notches for the shelf collars. Most units have adjustable shelves.

The coating for the shelving can be selected for purpose or aesthetics. Foodservice applications should choose wire shelving coated to handle the change in temperature and moisture found in walk-in coolers and freezers. Many of these coatings also contain antimicrobial agents to help keep the facilities clean.


Make your unit into a shelf truck by adding casters.

Dividers, shelf ledges, garment hang bars, label holders, storage baskets, cantilevered shelves to name a few.


One of the key advantages of wire shelving is ventilation. Dry goods will be air-surrounded constantly, keeping the risk of humidity and dampness down. The lowest shelf is always several inches off the floor, ensuring all products stored on it will be well ventilated.

The ability of air to pass through empty shelving also helps keep the entire facility’s ventilation. Airflow is not blocked, ensuring efficient operation of the HVAC system.


Wire shelving can be small-scale. It can go anywhere needed.

It allows shelving to be installed in spaces which otherwise are not readily used such as obscure corners, hallways, and other such places. Depending on the organizational needs of the business, different items can be stored in locations based on use.


Wire shelving presents a clean, uniform, efficient appearance regardless of coating,

Wire shelving helps retail stores display their wares in a variety of ways, including mobile racking or shelving. Using one of the many colors possible for shelving, in conjunction with the rest of the store’s décor, can enhance the retail look.


Wire shelving, whether free-standing or fixed, remains flexible. As facilities expand, grow, or get remodeled, shelving can be broken down and moved. Additional units can be added as well.

Wire shelves do not require a great deal of maintenance. Wiping and dusting are all that is needed. Foodservice operations will need to clean shelving more often, but the sterile components will keep the product safe for customers.

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