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Wire Shelving


Wire shelving is steel wire welded together to form universal wire shelves. Each wire shelf is framed with trussed wire and contains a steel wire mesh. Our shelves are available in various material types and finishes, including chrome, bright zinc finish, and epoxy-coated stainless steel to prevent rapid corrosion. Round posts support the shelving units and have notches for the shelf collars. Most units have adjustable shelves.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we carry a wide range of wire shelving accessories so you can customize your shelf units to your exact needs.

You can turn your static wire shelves into mobile storage space by adding casters. Our selection of dividers, shelf ledges, garment hang bars, label holders, storage baskets, and cantilevered shelves can improve your metal wire shelving organization, helping you find your items more quickly.

Uses for Wire Shelving Systems

Wire shelving is practical for more than industrial use; you can also use wire storage shelving on a small scale. A universal wire shelf system with wire racks is an excellent solution for dry storage applications, such as in a garage. Most universal wire shelf storage units are available in multiple colors and finish options, including white, silver, green, and black.

Wire storage units augmented with organizers can be used either as a freestanding unit for large items or a wall-mounted shelf for hand tools and small parts. If you choose a wire shelving unit for garage storage shelving, you can use accessories such as baskets, containers, and hooks to keep loose parts organized.

Commercial applications such as the foodservice industry should choose custom wire shelves with food-grade protective coatings. These commercial wire shelving coatings are designed to handle changes in temperature and moisture found in cold and humid environments, such as walk-in coolers and freezers.

Many of these coatings also contain antimicrobial agents to keep the facilities clean. They have NSF certification, making them suitable for storing anything from fresh produce to bulk food items. Multiple tier wire shelving units help retail stores display their wares in various ways or incorporated into the current inventory organization system.

Storage facilities in the healthcare industry often use wire rack shelving units to organize their medical supplies. With wire rack dividers, an NSF-approved stainless steel wire shelving unit is the ideal solution for storing medications and other medical supplies.

Heavy-duty industrial wire shelving units possess many applications for storing tools, dies, and other heavy objects, helping you optimize your storage floor space. Select items feature high-strength carbon steel wire construction with specialized finishes for strength, capable of supporting the heaviest loads with ease.


Advantages of Wire Shelving Systems

Wire shelving units can be quickly installed in your facility, warehouse, or garage, thanks to the simple assembly without tools. They are also easy to improve and customize, and the different color options make organization easier, helping you create a cleaner space for storage.

For example, you can use color-coding to differentiate each shelving unit by object type. Green wire shelving can be used for gardening tools and supplies, while silver or black wire shelving can symbolize garage and automotive tools. This can be valuable in a commercial space selling different types of items or for creating a custom storage space at home.

Custom wire racks with shelf bins are ideal for storing loose parts and items, making them valuable for organizing and parts picking in many industrial environments.

The high-strength, scratch, and impact-resistant construction of these dependable wire shelving units ensures they won’t bend or wear out even when supporting the heaviest objects.

Wire shelving racks even have home applications outside of the garage. For example, you can use stainless steel wire shelving to create an office space with an industrial look, ideal for storing or displaying your personal items.

Another potential application is wire closet shelving, giving you an extra storage space option for organizing your closet items and optimizing your available closet space.

Browse Our Selection of Wire Shelving Units

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a wide variety of wire shelving and storage units made from the highest-quality materials. Whether you need a wall-mounted garage shelving unit or a mobile metal shelf organizer for your warehouse, we have a storage solution for your needs.

For more information about our range of wire shelving or to request a quote, call our customer service staff at (800) 589-7225.

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