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DEA Approved Cage

Laboratory and pharmaceutical operations face unique challenges with regard to the proper storage and safe handling of controlled pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Do you have concerns about meeting the US Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) security requirements for narcotics, controlled substances, and other items that require a high level of security? When installed correctly our 840 style partitions meet the requirements for the physical security of Schedule III, Class IV and Class V controlled substances as described in Title 21 CFR Sections1301.72-1301.76 physical security controls.

Ensuring that the correct products are delivered from the wholesale distributor (or manufacturer) to the pharmacy requires careful planning, to ensure the smooth and timely flow of medical product.

We know that while secure environments are essential to address the legal concerns, cost efficiency is also critical to ensure the success of your operation. Our company is dedicated to realizing efficiencies to improve the quality of laboratory and pharmaceutical operations.
If you handle items that are required to be in a DEA type cage, we can help design one that best suits your needs.


Approved DEA secured storage cages have wire mesh walls and ceiling panels constructed of a 2″ x 1″ 10-gauge wire. They are equipped withhinged or slidingself-closing and self-locking doors. The wire mesh panels are installed flush to the floor. All hardware cannot be accessed from the exterior of the cage.

With our system, it is possible to design and install a DEA approved controlled substance storage cage of just about any shape or size. Use a card reader or ten-digit keypad with the installation of an electric strike or mag lock on the door of your choice to make the cage easily accessible.

Slide up windows are available to allow conveyors and other material handling systems to be easily integrated into the cage. These windows are mechanical, air operated- counterbalanced and self-closingto meet the DEA requirements.

The modular design of our system allows us to easily install panel’s floor-to-ceiling to just about any ceiling height.

With our standard modular parts, we can usually deliverjust about any enclosure.However, if you require some sort of customization, we can provide the components to meet your needs.

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