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Ladders and Stairways

Ladders and Stairways

Ladders and stairways are integral to warehouse safety and accessibility and can help you maximize your space. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer four types of ladders and stairways, each of which can help you meet specific warehouse needs.

Alternating Tread Stairways

Alternating Tread Stairways help you save space and maximize safety. They help to make potentially sharp and dangerous descents shallower and in more of a direct line. This makes them safer for workers carrying heavy boxes or moving equipment while also navigating the stairway. They also come with handrails, which exponentially increase the safety of the stairway for both you and your coworkers.

At the same time, because these stairs have only half of the tread space when compared to other stairs, they are much lighter and less space-consuming than typical stairways. It’s actually this half-tread design that enables them to make otherwise steep descents shallower.

Industrial Stairways

Industrials stairways allow you and your coworkers to safely access mezzanine and upper-level areas. We also offer landing areas to help you make upper levels more accessible. Landings are mandatory for stairways taller than 144 feet.

We offer five subtypes of industrial stairways:

  • Straight stairways
    • Straight stairways offer clear visibility and direct access from the top of the stairway all the way to the bottom.
  • Top landing right-angle stairways
    • This design enables the stairway to be situated parallel to the point of access.
  • L-shaped stairways
    • These stairways feature a landing area at the turn in the stairway, giving workers a chance to catch their breath or resituate products they are carrying. They’re also a useful design for corner areas.
  • 180-degrees U-shaped stairways
    • These, like the L-shaped stairway, offer a resting point for workers. However, due to the U-shaped design, they use much less linear space.
  • Spiral stairway
    • Brilliant space-savers, spiral stairways offer permanent access to upper levels.

Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders come equipped with caster wheels and are crafted from lightweight metals, such as aluminum, for portability and ease of access. They’re also non-magnetic and specially treated to resist corrosion. They give access to areas up to 19 feet above the floor and are versatile for all types of warehouse spaces.

Track-Mounted Ladders

These ladders have their wheels on the floor while the top of the ladder is mounted to an overhead track. This helps to keep them secured when employees climb up and down to store or retrieve inventory, while also allowing the ladders to be moved with safety and efficiency. Track-mounted ladders can even be mounted directly onto shelving, depending on the type of shelving used.

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