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Material Handling

Material Handling

For moving, storing, and protecting materials in your warehouse or business, there are several system options to keep your inventory and employees efficient. At Shelf + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer equipment for handling your materials throughout the production and distribution process.

Die Carts

Die carts provide easy transportation for die materials up to 50,000 pounds and as little as 1,000 pounds. Depending on the needs of your facility, there is a solution to your specifications. Walk-behind motorized carts are the best choice for transporting large dies. Manual carts are best for small dies that weigh 1,000 pounds or less. Hydraulic lifts make raising and lowering the platform simple.

For metal-forming industries, die carts let you move your die or other materials to any space in your manufacturing warehouse so that you can cast your products in the die and press. The efficiency of moving a die quickly and effectively is imperative to ensure that a business meets the demand of its customers. Set up times are drastically reduced, and workplace safety is vastly improved.

Service Carts and Shelf Trucks

Service carts and shelf trucks provide quick and easy mobility to a wide range of materials and supplies in your warehouse. With ergonomic designs and durable wheels, these mobile carts and trucks can withstand years of use and heavy items. Whether your materials need to travel a long or short distance, service carts and shelf trucks are an effective material handling equipment choice.

Service carts and shelf trucks make moving supplies between stations more efficient and provide a safe storage space for supplies when they are not in use.

Stronghold Carts

Stronghold Carts are excellent choices for tools, small parts, or other delicate items needed in a shop, hospital, or pharmacy. Drawers keep items secure and protected during transport and from dust and light damage.

Maple Top carts provide an excellent option for cutting and small projects, while the Mobile Tool Cart with a pegboard provides space for oddly-shaped items. Both feature drawers which hold up to 400 pounds of materials. Other Stronghold Carts include the multi-use maintenance cart and the Tool and Maintenance cart.

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Vertical reciprocating conveyors provide a cost-effective and safe solution for transporting goods between levels of a facility. If your warehouse has balconies, mezzanines, and other raised storage areas, vertical reciprocating conveyors move materials efficiently and safely.

Vertical reciprocating conveyors require less floor space, providing a more ergonomic workspace for employees. Additionally, goods can be moved while in the upright position, which is necessary for some materials. We offer mechanical and hydraulic options, depending on the type of material and unit load you require.

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