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Mezzanines & Platforms

Mezzanines & Platforms

Platforms are an essential part of a warehouse’s operations. Platforms for equipment and mezzanines that are sturdy allow for optimization of space and effective workflow. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a wide variety of equipment platforms, mezzanines, work platforms, catwalks, and accessories to optimize your warehouse space.

Equipment Platforms

Equipment platforms are handy for when you have large pieces of equipment that do not need to be used every day. By placing them on a platform and providing access with a stairway or landing, equipment can be raised and placed out of the way, optimizing the floor space in your facility and improving safety for your employees.

Equipment platforms are specially designed for the size and concentrated load of your equipment. Equipment that needs water, electricity, or compressed air can also be fitted to the platform.

Mezzanine Platforms

Moving inventory and work in an industrial or commercial facility upward can save floor space, increase overhead space, and improve efficiency. One of the most effective ways to do this, without building a whole new facility, is to create multiple levels of inventory with mezzanine platforms on each level.

Mezzanine platforms are free-standing steel structures that are installed and designed according to the layout of your warehouse. Most mezzanines can be designed around existing columns, machinery, windows, and sprinkler systems. In most cases, installing a mezzanine does not require revamping your existing HVAC system, which provides further savings.

Many businesses use steel mezzanines for office space, tool cribs, employee break rooms, or for sorting operations. Wherever you need more floor space in your facility, a mezzanine is an excellent solution.

Mezzanine decks can be ordered in engineered steel diamond tread plate, diamond grip, concrete, resin deck, bar grating, and galvanized plank grating.

Accessories for mezzanines include structural steel stairways, handrails, ladders, gates, vertical reciprocating conveyors, spiral gravity chutes, and standard conveyors.

Shelving Mezzanines and Catwalks

For warehouses that need additional storage space, or to maximize existing storage space, modular mezzanines and catwalks provide customizable options for your workspace. Shelving mezzanines double or triple existing floor space by allowing inventory to be stacked vertically.

As you build inventory, shelving mezzanines can be expanded. Catwalks allow easy access between levels, and stairs, handrails, and other supports provide safeguards for employees moving between floors.

Work Platforms

Work platforms raise and lower employees between areas they need to access, or for unloading trucks without a back-lift or dock. Common work platforms include stock pickers, rolling staircases and ladders, one- or two-person maintenance lifts, hydraulic and pneumatic scissor lifts, and tanker top lifts. All raised platforms are outfitted with safety equipment according to OSHA standards.

Work platforms can be outfitted with light bulb and fluorescent tube caddies, stock picker shelves, and side and sliding tool trays. These customization options help

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