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Rolling Ladders

Many industrial plants and warehouses take advantage of the building height to store things. The use of high shelving and storage systems allows firms to store more.

Accessing shelves and items on the upper levels of the storage system requires a way to get up there safely. Some facilities and storage systems allow access by forklift, vertical reciprocal conveyers, or mezzanines. But these solutions do not necessarily work in each facility.

One solution, which is especially useful in narrower aisles and spaces, is the rolling ladder. These ladders can be moved efficiently to the spot needed.

What Is a Rolling ladder?

Rolling ladders are equipped with caster wheels and designed for easy mobility within a storage area. Made from lightweight metals, including aluminum, they are treated to resist corrosion and are non-magnetic. Meeting OSHA regulations for safety, these ladders, include proper handrail height, stairway angle and tread width.

Steps on rolling ladders are designed to be skid-proof. Treads come in several types, providing an increased level of traction for the person on the ladder. Ladders that have solid steps are equipped with anti-slip strips provide the least amount of traction. Perforated steps provide more traction, while serrated grip strut steps provide the most traction.

Rolling ladders give access to items up to 19’ above the floor.

Shorter rolling ladders have spring loaded casters that retract when a person steps on the ladder. Taller ladders have heavy-duty wheels and casters, a pair of which will swivel. The wheels retract under the weight of the worker, allowing the ladder to rest on rubber feet, firmly grounding the ladder. Many ladders have wheels with brakes on them.


At industrial sites, ladders which are exposed to oil, grease, or other materials must be cleaned immediately, per OSHA regulations. Most rolling ladders can be easily sprayed down and washed.

Another type of rolling ladder is the track mounted ladder. A track is affixed to the face of shelving or rack, the rolling ladder rolls on the track, easily moving along the face of the shelving or racking that it is attached to.These ladders are generally made from wood and are more apt to be used in retail type applications or in libraries.

Office Ladders Have a design that is conducive to an office environment. They are built with the same rugged integrity as our industrial lettersbut have a different appearance, that is suitable to for use in an office.

Other types of rolling ladders include our folding rolling ladder, double-sided crossover platforms, work platforms, straddle base ladders, super duty rolling ladders and tilt and roll ladders.

As a standard our letters are manufactured from steel, they can optionally be manufactured from stainlesssteel and aluminum to suit whatever application requirements may need to be met


The type of facility and what it is being used fordictates the right ladder needed. An archival records storage system with narrow aisles will require a letter with a narrow base. Warehouse and similar industries, however, are likely to use wider rolling ladders.Retail applications such as wine and liquor stores use tall shelving, and then mount a track mounted letter to the face of the shelving to easily and safely access the upper-level items.

Most rolling ladders have safety rails of 30” to 36” in height. Workers can carry lighter or less-bulky items down themselves.

Options for rolling ladders include folding shelves, built-in shelves, solid treads, perforated treads, grip strut treads and different caster configurations. Deeper top steps to create a platform at the top of the ladder are very commonly ordered option.

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