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In today’s modern business industry environment, your warehouse needs the added advantage of automated storage to stay relevant. You do not want to be left behind as storage and retrieval becomes quicker, easier, and more cost-efficient. At Shelving + Rack systems, Inc., we can provide industrial quality automated storage racks that allow your business to thrive and grow.

Horizontal and vertical carousels

Horizontal and vertical carousels allow inventory to be transported to where it needs to be as quickly and effectively as possible. Carousels enable operators to access materials they need far more easily and quicker than a traditional racking system.

The horizontal and vertical carousel is comprised of multiple shelving units that follow an oval track that is powered by a motor. Every shelving unit is outfitted with boxes or containers that contain different kinds of materials or tools. Shelves and bins can be situated to fit any operation and segregated to achieve an easy identification storage system.

Carousels are extremely easy and intuitive to use. An operator must simply punch in the bin number, part number, or section number within the carousel, and then it moves using the shortest path to present the desired item or material to the user.

Carousels can be installed individually, although it is likely you will want to have multiple carousels grouped into a storage pod inside your warehouse. With inventory management software, a carousel pod can become a powerful tool that can boost the speed and productivity of your warehouse.

Vending machines

Industrial vending machines are an excellent method of inventory storage and easy access operating. Vending machines can be filled with a wide variety of useful items needed in the warehouse, such as tools, inventory materials, and safety items like gloves and fasteners.

Choose from three vending machine styles. This storage method includes drawer systems, carousels, and coils. You can access whatever is best for your unique work zone.

Automation allows for intuitive operation of industrial vending machines. There will be a spot where employees scan their ID badges or fingerprint, which gives them access to the vending machine. From there, they can select whatever materials or tools they need for an operation. After the job is complete, items can simply be returned to the machine.

Software algorithms can accurately account for and profile your existing inventory, so you will be aware if some tools or products are out of place. This also allows you to manage stock and resources and keep your employees accountable.

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