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Guard Rails and Guard Railing

Industrial Guard Rails and Guard Railing

Workplace accidents and collisions are a reality of the industrial and warehouse settings. Even with the absolute best of intentions, skill, great care in forkliftdriving, and rigorous safety training, collisions still occur.

When you install a heavy-duty guardrail barricade system, you will create a defensive wall of steel in between your equipment and your team members. It’s the solution that provides you peace of mind. Protect your equipment and people on the shop floor from forklift, vehicle traffic,and other hazards.

Using guardrails to protect employees,walk aisles, manufacturing equipment, staircases, conveyor systems, restroom areas and first aid, computer stations, electrical panels, in-plant offices, or anywhere else accident protection is required,isthe number one way to prevent damages from accidents. Even relatively minor forklift collisions can cost you thousands of dollars in damaged merchandise, your racking system, or even your building structure.

How Do Guard Rails Work?

Guardrails absorb the impact of collisions by flexing and spreading the force along the line of the rails. Our guardrails are strong, safe,and adaptable. Theyare engineered to withstand a 10,000-lb impact at 4 mph when they have been properly installed.

Naturally, you must replace a guardrail after any major impact as the tensile strength of the material will weaken, and even a minor impact in the future can result in immediate failure with little or no impact protection for whatever is behind the rail.

Industrial Steel GuardRails

Steel guard rails provide some of the best protection available. The specific option you choose depends on several factors. You must consider square footage required, type of merchandise you carry in your warehouse, whether you use forklifts, and the general layout of your facility.

Double and Single Rails

Double rail systems 44”h provide excellent protection in busy facilities with heavy traffic and products and pallets that weigh a lot.

Single rail installations 18” hprovide excellent protection if you have a limited budget and are processing less volume and weight.

Drop-In Guard Rails

The single high and double high systems can be outfitted with drop-in guard rails to provide a workable solution for your safety needs when frequent access is required behind the rails.

Drop-in or removable guard rails allow you to reconfigure the aisle, pallet, and walk-way areas depending on your needs.

Pipe HDPE Sleeved Guardrails

This high strength guardrail is constructed out of 4″ Schedule 80 and 6″ Schedule 40 pipe. It is then sleeved (covered) in tough Hi-Density Thermoplastic Polyethylene which making it maintenance free. It can be installed by core drilling into the cement or surface mounted using a base-plate.This rail system is available single and double high as well.

This design will withstand multiple impacts from at up to 4 mph from a 12,000-pound forklift. When this style of the guardrail is hit, the force is distributed into the entire section of guard railing; this results in 0 deflection.

Fixed Barriers

Many companies use fixed barriers to delineate walkways where forklifts and other heavy machinery should not be used. These barriers segregate pedestrians from potentially hazardous equipment.

Fixed barriers give your workers excellent protection and help minimize accidental collisions.

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