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Shipping & Packaging Equipment

Shipping & Packaging Equipment

In your warehouse, it is imperative to have the right shipping and packaging equipment. Having the right tools will allow you to get your product out faster, safer, and more efficiently, ultimately improving your bottom line. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer the best in industrial warehousing equipment. Upgrade your shipping and packaging equipment to create a more productive and efficient workspace for your employees and customers. In turn, you will provide better customer service to your consumers.

Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers help protect items using elastic recovery. Items remain bound and secured, and utilized for shipment. Rather than putting a pallet’s load of goods into a container, which is more costly, stretch wrappers contain items on a pallet and keep them safe during shipping and receiving.

We provide a variety of stretch wrapping systems to meet the needs of your warehouse, goods, and shipping. These include:

  • Turntable stretch wrappers, available in manual, fully automatic, and semi-automatic models
  • Cast wrap
  • Blown wrap
  • Freedom stretch wrappers, with a touchscreen with 10 pre-loaded wrapping styles
  • Fully-automatic stretch wrappers which can be operated with one push of a button, perfect for goods that are similar in size and shape
  • Predator stretch wrappers, which come equipped with two wrapping modes and the ability to control the tightness of the stretch
  • Eight models of Revolver stretch wrappers
  • Synergy semi-automatic stretch wrapper with three unique wrapping patterns and a 12-RPM turntable

Shipping Benches

To improve the flow of your shipping process, shipping benches maximize space and increase efficiency for all involved in the shipping line. Shipping benches provide ample space to pack and ship, and can be customized to fit your workspace.

Shipping benches come in heavy-duty steel, electrostatic dissipative steel, high-pressure laminate, laminated maple butcher block, and compressed wood. You can also choose risers and panels with electrical outlets to improve the simplicity of your workers’ space. Consider purchasing a shipping bench that includes shelves and drawers for added organization.

Workers can adjust these benches to their preferred height, making them extremely ergonomic and reduce the incidents of workplace injuries and fatigue. Workflow is more streamlined, which reduces the time and stress that employees sometimes experience during the packaging and shipping process.

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