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Custom Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers wrap the exterior of goods and boxes. While wrapping can be done by hand, it is more cost and time efficient to automate the process, especially when these items are in bulk.

Using custom stretch wrappers also removes the chance of human error while providing a stable, clean and uniform look. Stretch Wrapper Machine Options

Freedom Stretch Wrappers

The Freedom stretch wrapper comes with a heavy-dutyconveyor that transports the load to the wrapping station before wrapping. It also has a touchscreen that comes with ten pre-loaded wrapping styles, allowing the user to select the wrapping method that best fits the product.

By using dual power hydro stretch technology, businesses can work with any film of choiceand get the same finished, clean look by stretching the film to its maximum.

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers such as Highlight Industry’s Synergy Automatic, and The Platinum, are popular, fully automated stretch wrap options that wrap many products with one touch of a button.

The Synergy uses a conveyor turntable stretch wrap system while the Platinum boasts a fully automotive system.

The Platinum is the only one of its kind to have automatic film attachment, cut and wipe down feature that improvesproductivity by at least 40%.

Predator Stretch Wrappers

Predator Stretch wrappers are simple and easy to use. With top and bottom counters, a photo-eye, and two wrapping modes to choose from, the Predator gives you great wrapping options at an affordable price.
With a Simplified Stretch technology, the Predator allows you to control the tightness of the stretch precisely with a turn of a knob.

Revolver Stretch Wrappers

We have eight models of Revolver Stretch Wrappers to choose from:

  • Revolver Model 2412 Standard Stretch Wrapper with Conveyors & Platens
  • Revolver Model 3620 Standard Stretch Wrapper
  • Revolver Model 3620 Standard Stretch Wrapper with foot pedal activated pneumatic Film Cut & Clamp
  • Revolver Model 3612 Standard Stretch Wrapper with Conveyors & Side Guides
  • Revolver Model 3612 Standard Stretch Wrapper with Conveyors & Side
  • Revolver Model 4810 Automatic Stretch
  • Revolver Model 6010 Automatic Stretch Wrapper

All automatic models haveten user-programmable wrap modes, allowing total customization for the type of goods you want to wrap.

Synergy Stretch Wrappers

The Synergy 2 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper has three unique wrapping patterns. With a fast 12-RPM turntable, the Synergy wraps loads with quickly; translating into cost savings for you.

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