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The Tray™ Issue #34 – Mobile Racking System Triples Existing Warehouse Floor Space

The Tray™ Issue #34 – Mobile Racking System Triples Existing Warehouse Floor Space

Mobile Racking System

Mobile Racking System Triples Existing Warehouse Floor Space

Warehouse space capacity was always a challenge for this distribution company. 

Before airplanes take to the skies and deliver passengers to faraway destinations, they pass, in pieces, through aircraft parts distribution centers. Because these parts are big and heavy, they are a bother to store efficiently. 

Zenith Aviation overcame the odds and achieved new heights by updating its traditional inventory racking to a state-of-the-art powered mobile racking system. 

Zenith Aviation is an aircraft parts distribution company that supplies aircraft parts to commercial and government entities. They primarily focus on regional aircraft and commercial sized aircraft. With its enormous inventory, Zenith Aviation was in need of an efficient and space-saving storage solution, with industrial weight charge capacity and for all types of racking needs.

Zenith Aviation

Montel Mobile Racking Systems

“The Montel Mobile Racking Systems allowed us to put almost three times the amount of stuff in the same space. Combined, we saved about 12,000 to 14,000 square feet of space. It more than doubled the available space for us and almost tripled it,” said Bob Stanford, CEO of Zenith Aviation.

“Before, we simply had 4 traditional racks, the standard warehouse type racking. By using the Montel system, we now have 10 in the place where we had 4, and it just opens up the main aisle as we need it. It’s wonderful,” continued Stanford.

The Montel brand Mobile Racking System as installed can hold approximately one million pounds. With this heavy-duty weight capacity, according to NASA, that’s the equivalent of 2 whole airplanes (passengers included).

For storage, and taking into account the odd dimensions of the aircraft parts, the mobile racks can be accessed either manually, or on the control heads themselves.

“The Montel system, little more than doubled our capacity to carry big bulky products, products that you would put on racking. We have engines on here, we have APS on here, we have a lot of cali. The problem for us has always been the bulky things. If you’re going to keep them in a conditioned space, the cost becomes prohibitive.” 

“What we like to do is we have a remote control unit on our forklift. So as we have a need for parts, they can pre-program it, push a button, and it automatically opens the aisle for them by the time they get there. Very efficient,” said Stanford.

Montel system

The Final Result?

Zenith Aviation traded its 4 static industrial racks for 10 SAFERAK® 32P powered mobile racking units. By switching out the old for the new, Zenith saved over 12,000+ cubic feet of space in its warehouse, while more than doubling its rack availability.

In order to optimize cubic footage, distributors benefit from all vacancies, including the biggest of them all, the aisles. And by replacing static racking with a mobile installation, converts don’t sacrifice any of their weight capacity. 

Think about all the opportunities that extra room affords. Space, after all, is the service a distributor offers and sells. More of it means greater profitability. 

Zenith Aviation can now fit three times as many parts in the exact same amount of space, no renovations or expansions necessary.

“The system is wonderful. It saves time. It saves money. It gives us the right presence. It’s professional. The installation went beautifully. I would absolutely recommend the Montel system. It is a marvelous solution we can’t do without,” beamed Stanford.

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is an Authorized Montel Distributor.

Montel Solution

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