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The Tray™ Issue #39 – Warehouse Floor Space-Saver: Mezzanine Platform Systems

The Tray™ Issue #39 – Warehouse Floor Space-Saver: Mezzanine Platform Systems

Warehouse Storage With Stronghold Cabinets

Warehouse Floor Space-Saver: Mezzanine Platform Systems

Every plant or warehouse manager is concerned with space, constantly looking for ways to ensure that their facility has the room for the best operational efficiency. Searching for cost-effective improvements for using this space can cause concerns, especially when the construction of a new facility or expanding the current facility is not an option.

Most facilities have sufficient ceiling height to create multiple functional levels within an existing building. Utilizing mezzanines (industrial work platforms) are one of the best solutions to maximize the use of your already existing overhead space allowing you to operate more profitably and effectively. 

At a mere fraction of the cost and much faster than standard construction, you will have the valuable storage, manufacturing, work space or office space that you need. These will be installed with a minimum of disruption to your existing work floor area.

Mezzanine platforms

Mezzanine Platforms Systems

Mezzanine platforms are free-standing steel structures erected in a shop or on a warehouse floor to create an additional work level between the floor and the ceiling. 

The structure is made of steel, while the flooring is solid resin deck over white underside b-deck, open steel grating, cement or steel diamond plate.

Industrial steel work platforms are installed in your current or new buildings. They provide almost instant and valuable floor space areas for storage of just about any type of inventory or equipment and industrial manufacturing applications.

We design them to meet your specific application, always keeping in mind applicable building and OSHA codes. In most instances, your existing HVAC system does not have to be altered, providing further cost savings.

In many cases, a mezzanine will provide the space you need to help you grow your business, providing the space flexibility that is paramount when you need to respond to business changes.

Shelving Mezzanines

Cost Savings

The addition of a well-designed mezzanine platform can save a significant amount of money over new construction. Depending on the layout, your floor surface will increase by 50% or more.

They provide tax savings as they are capital equipment which has an accelerated seven-year depreciation schedule as opposed to 39 years which a permanent building addition or improvement would have.

Before we start the design process we look at your specific building specifications, the load you will be putting on it and what is going on underneath to ensure that we have the clear spans and heights to minimize any interference with your ongoing operations.

Mezzanine systems can be designed around existing support beams, pillars, windows, and machinery. They can be designed with existing sprinkler systems and the existing HVAC.

Mezzanines require much less additional electrical work than a new building.

Mezzanine Installation

The key to any mezzanine system is the ability to build it to order. The mezzanines are designed to fit the facility, working around any peculiarities in the building. They can work around corners and window dormers, as well as provide crosswalks on the upper level.

Our mezzanines are free-standing. The vertical support columns are anchored to the building slab but do not connect with the walls or other structures. The support columns can be placed in a manner which does not interfere with operations on the main floor.

The bolted construction allows mezzanines to be dismantled and relocated as your needs dictate

Mezzanine Installation

Mezzanine Uses

Industrial Work Platforms are great options to improve or add storage space, production areas, warehouse space, tool cribs, office space, conference rooms, break/lunch rooms, machine platforms, air compressor platforms, clean rooms, locker rooms, distribution centers, conveyors, sorting operations or just about any operation that requires floor space.

Mezzanines can be used for many purposes; storage is just one of them. Offices can also be installed on the mezzanine level, with a bird’s eye view of the entire facility. Mezzanines can surround a two-level horizontal storage carousel system, allowing highly dense storage in one small part of the facility.

When coupled with a vertical reciprocating conveyor, mezzanines provide the most effective, efficient, and safe beverage storage solution.

Mezzanine Custom Design Consultation

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