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The Tray™ Issue #46 – Vertical and Horizontal Storage Carousels and Cages by Summit and WireCrafters

The Tray™ Issue #46 – Vertical and Horizontal Storage Carousels and Cages by Summit and WireCrafters

Vertical and Horizontal Storage Carousels and Cages by Summit and WireCrafters

A horizontal carousel is an automated storage and retrieval system that can cost-effectively reduce stock-picking man-hours, enabling businesses to recover their investment. Inventory management and order fulfillment can be a significant cost to a warehouse, but a carousel system is an excellent tool for increasing productivity and increasing accuracy.

If staff have to add walk and search time to their material handling process, this can negatively affect picking operations speed. A horizontal system uses a series of shelving units that move on an oval track. Each compartment has shelves or bins to separate stock into organized containers. 

Operators enter a bin number, part number, or location, and the carousel brings the relevant unit to the staff member. This automation of inventory control increases order picking rate and reduces picking errors.

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There are various types of vertical carousel storage solutions available.

Vertical Garment Storage Carousels

These vertical storage carousels are automated to make retrieving coats, pants, shirts, suits, gowns and dresses easy at manufacturing facilities, warehouses and retail store locations.

Roll Carousels

Roll carousels are vertical storage carousels that make it easy to organize oversized rolls of carpet, textiles, paper, vinyl and other materials. These vertical carousel storage solutions help maximize space, saving up to 70 percent of your floor. Additionally, these carousel storage solutions help minimize damage related to oversized rolls of material.

Tire Carousels

Use these vertical storage carousels to manage and organize tires up to 33 inches. These vertical storage solutions are ideal for tire manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, or any operation that needs to store tires efficiently.

Tray Carousels

Tray carousels can help store inventory in a way that makes retrieval fast and easy. Take advantage of tray carousels in settings where machinery is available to help your team members do the heavy lifting.

Spool Carousels

Vertical carousels for spools help you stay organized and work more efficiently. Use these spool carousels to store, manage and retrieve cable, chain, tubing, wire, rope and other materials that are stored using reels or spools, and customize your carousel to fit spools of any size up to 10 feet long.

Print Cylinder Carousels

Our vertical carousels for print cylinders can be used to maximize floor space while also allowing easy access to the print cylinders by a sole operator.

Tool Crib Storage & Equipment Cages

WireCrafters wire partitions are ideal for the construction of tool cribs. With a designated, secure area to store tools and equipment, you no longer worry about who has what tool, or where tools have been misplaced. 

Many companies have found using wire partitions to organize their tool rooms has paid dividends in return. When a maintenance person needs a tool to work on equipment in the plant, they go to the tool crib and sign out the tool they need. Many tool cribs also have a service window so the plant personnel do not have to enter into the actual tool crib.

Driver Cages & Building Access Cages

Driver access cages protect your company as well as visitors, vendors, and other warehouse or building personnel. Truck drivers, delivery people and other non-employees who enter your facility can be an insurance risk.

Driver Access Cages, or Man Traps, are typically constructed as three sided cages that adjoin an outside wall with an entry door. These driver access cages are made of our Style 840 Wire Partition System. Heavy 10 gauge wire woven into a 2″ x 1″ rectangular mesh is strong enough for any industrial security cage requirement.

The size of these building access cages vary from six by six up to eight by eight. Because WireCrafters has panels in one foot increments, any size cage can be configured.

Typically these driver cages are furnished with a service window with a shelf to provide the driver a counter to sign and pick up their paperwork. The access cage also has a pe- destrian hinge door for access.

DEA Drug Storage Cages

WireCrafters DEA approved secured storage cages feature self-closing and self-locking doors, and wire mesh walls and ceiling panels constructed of a 2″ x 1″ 10 gauge wire. 2″ square steel support posts are spaced no more than 10′ apart, with welded-on base plates for lagging to the floor. The walls of the drug storage cages have a minimum of 1 1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 5′.

The panels mount flush to floor, and utilize heavy 3/8″ hardware which is non-accessible from the exterior. WireCrafters panels are stackable to any height and clear spanning ceilings up to 30′.

Custom Design Consultation for Vertical and Horizontal Storage Carousels and WireCrafter Cages

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading Authorized Distributor of Summit Vertical and Horizontal Storage Carousels and WireCrafters Cages. Contact us by calling 800-589-RACK (855-969-4164), or 855-969-4164.

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