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We Buy Used Equipment

We Buy Used Equipment

Not everything in a warehouse has to be brand-new, especially when you are already on a tight budget. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer used pallet racks and shelving to help increase the efficiency in your warehouse for your employees without breaking the bank. Because of the adaptability and versatility of pallet and shelving systems, used options can still be customized to fit your warehouse’s needs.

An additional benefit of choosing used equipment is that it is an environmentally-conscious choice. Instead of creating new waste, your business is choosing to give new life to an unwanted shelving or pallet system. This is a great choice for your business, your employees, and your customers, and you can pass on your savings to your loyal customer base.

Used Pallet Racking Systems

Used pallet racking stores inventory and supplies safely and effectively. They come in a variety of sizes, makes, types, and heavy equipment load ratings. Our Pallet Rack Identifier can help you choose which pallet rack you have so you can decide what your upgrade should be. If you are still unsure, take a picture and email us. Our trained experts will help identify your pallet system.

Our inventory of used pallet racking systems is closely inspected for any breaks or damage, and we repair these issues before we ship your system out. We offer an inventory which includes brands such as Penco, EMI, Wedgelock, Sturdbibuilt, Interlake, Palmer Shile, Mecalux, Webblock, Ridgurack, Spacerak, Keystone, Slid-n-lock, Unarco, Republic, and T-Bolt.

Used Shelving Systems

Storing heavy construction equipment parts and supplies on shelving can take a toll over the years. For warehouses who are looking to replace sections of their shelving which have been discontinued by the manufacturer, used shelving offers an excellent replacement option. Our shelving is in good or like-new condition, and any necessary repairs are made before shipment.

We offer shelving options such as rivet-span, surplus, steel clip, steel nut and bolt, and stockroom. We offer shelving components including steel clips, nuts and bolts, uprights, and X-bracing. We also provide replacement parts for your shelving systems.

We Buy Used Shelving and Pallet Systems

If you have used shelving or pallet racking and you are ready for an upgrade, consider selling Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. your systems. We will pay you for your trade-in systems which are in good condition, and this can bring down the cost of your upgrade.

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