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Shelving Hardware

Shelving hardware consists of the vital components needed for your shelving systems to ensure they remain safe and secure. There are a variety of shelving hardware items available including shelf clips, floor anchors, safety clips, clips, nuts, bolts,and pins that can all be used to support shelving structures.

As shelving can be taken down and moved within a warehouse, it’s easy for shelf clips and other components to become lost or damaged. Shelving + Rack Systems stocks a wide variety various manufacturers of shelving hardware for repairs or for replacing missing pieces.

Suitable for industrial and commercial applications, shelving hardware will ensure your shelving systems continue to protect your warehouse equipment and inventory, remaining secure and able to support the standard loads of daily warehouse activity.

How Does Shelving Hardware Ensure the Safety of Your Racking System?

The proper shelf clips and fasteners hold the shelving support the shelf.

Shelving that is installed without the proper side braces or lateral sway braces can collapse without warning, causing serious injury to your employees and inventory.

Types of Shelving Hardware

Shelving + Rack Systems stocks an extensiveinventory of different manufactures shelving hardware including shelf clips, back to post clips, floor anchors, etc.

We usually have clips in stock for manufacturers such as Lyon old style studs (pins, clips), Lyon end tie clips, Borroughs, Edsal, Republic steel shelving, Old Style Deluxe shelving, Penco Male-Female shelf clips, Penco Clipper Shelving, Tennsco Shelving, Interroyal Shelving, Hallowell, Superior Shelving, Equipto Iron Grip, Equipto V-Grip shelving and many others.

With the various types of shelving hardware components available, it’s essentialto have the right type for the shelving you must ensure a safe installation to protect your team members and your inventory.

Floor Anchors

In some instances, depending on the height and seismic zone, it may be required for warehouse shelving to be anchored to the floor. The style of floor anchor chosen will depend on different factors, including the type of cement, how thick it is and whether there is rebar in the concrete. Contact us to help determine which type and diameter size of anchor should be used.

Seismic rated floor anchors are also available for areas at higher risk of seismic activity, ensuring your shelving and racking systems remain stable and secure.

We can help you choose the correct shelving hardware for your shelving or racking system.

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