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Work Benches and Stations

Work Benches and Stations

Here at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. we offer a wide variety of options for companies looking to outfit their workplace with work benches and stations. It’s our goal to provide you with safe and effective working environments that optimize your output and protect the safety of both employees and equipment.

Industrial Work Benches

Our industrial work benches are heavy-duty and built to last. They’re work stations that boost your ability to organize employees, monitor output, and position equipment and materials for optimal efficiency. You have the freedom to choose to combine mobile benches, which are generally mounted on wheels with modular benches, which allow you to fit your work bench to your exact space. Whether you’re looking for a welding bench or a laboratory work station, we’ve got you covered.

Shop Tables

The surface of an industrial work bench or station is called the table: it’s the surface upon which most of the work is performed. These spaces can host activities such as food preparation, metalwork, laboratory work, machinist work, and packaging. A shop table surface can be constructed from laminated wood, 12-gauged stainless steel, or anything in between. These tables can be of adjustable heights, modular, mobile, or equipped with lockable storage options.

Bench Accessories

The options for customizing your industrial work bench are almost limitless. From caster kits to cabinet bases, these options help you make the most of your space.

Cabinet Benches

Our heavy-duty cabinet benches allow you to keep everything your workers might need at their disposal. This promotes maximum efficiency and allows you to increase the productivity and value of your work benches and stations. Cabinet workbenches allow you to keep bulkier items below decks, lock cabinet doors for added security, and even boost staff morale due to the ease of the workspace.

Ergonomic Work Stations

Ergonomic work stations are work stations or benches that have been bioengineered for maximum employer comfort and well-being. This makes the work stations easier on the workers’ bodies and also increases the productivity and longevity of your employees.

Stronghold Heavy Duty Benches

Stronghold work benches are heavy-duty, seriously strong, and made in the USA. They come with a 99-year warranty and help you feel more confident in the effectiveness and efficiency of your workspace. Our stronghold benches come in over 30 different styles and are incredibly customizable. Whether you need a stronghold bench for a garden nursery or modular laboratory work stations, we’ve got you covered.

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