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Push Back Pallet Racking

Push Back Pallet Racking

Push back rack systems are a high-density storage solution that allows a warehouse space to store pallets between 2 and 6 deep. Used in a wide variety of industries, push back storage racking enables warehouses and storage facilities to have wider aisles because the pallets sit on nested carts, one behind the other.

How Push Back Pallet Rack Systems Work

The pushback pallet rack system works according to the first-in, last-out (FILO) principle. In a FILO inventory management system, the pallets are loaded and unloaded at the front of the rack solution.

The first pallet is loaded onto a cart that rests on inclined rails, and gravity moves the goods gently toward the back of the push-back racking system. Consequently, the rear pallets are the first loaded into the pallet racks and the last to leave them.

Subsequent pallet loading is done the same way: the forklift driver can insert additional pallets to the storage lane until full. Each rack can be assigned to a specific SKU, making product access fast and easy.

Because employees are always aware of the pallet position on the storage rack, the loading and unloading of pallets from this high-density storage system is safe and efficient.

High-Density Pallet Storage System

High-Density Pallet Storage System

The primary advantage of a push back pallet rack system is its density. They provide a higher storage capacity than a standard pallet rack; push back racking allows a warehouse manager to store pallets in a confined space and retrieve them easily when required.

Push back systems are an excellent solution to increase storage density, especially if your facility primarily needs single SKU storage solutions. However, if you need to store a variety of SKUs at any given time, this inventory storage system may not be ideal, as you must unload the front-most pallets before you can access any of the ones to the rear.

For example, if the SKU you need is on the third pallet, your fork truck operators must first unload and pull out the first pallet, then repeat with the second before accessing the third.

For this reason, push back rack systems are best used in combination with other types of product storage systems, such as standard selective rack systems or drive-in racks. A push back racking system is an ideal solution to increase the versatility and organizational quality of your warehouse storage space.

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