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Push Back Racking

Push back racking is an efficient pallet storage method, allowing the storage of between 2-6 pallets deep. As this allows the user to keep many pallets in a small area, it is also known as a high-density storage system. Useful in many industrial settings, it allows warehouses to have wider aisles because the pallets are securely stored behind each other.

How It Works

Push back rack systems work on a first-in, last-off basis (FILO). The system uses inclined rails on either side of the rack, and a cart sits on these so they can transport it towards its destination. After the forklift driver places the front pallet onto the cart, it goes to the back of the storage system. When the driver sets the next one in the cart, it follows the previous one, and so on until the rack is full.

When unloading the pallet, the last one in is the first one out. When the forklift driver takes the pallet away, gravity then moves the other pallets one slot down, making the next pallet available for removal.

Why It’s Useful

Pushback rack systems are time-efficient, as the pallets automatically are transported to the back of the rack, and then to the front again when it’s time to remove one. This system makes packing and storage extremely quick. Storage density is high with pushback rack systems and allows drivers to store pallets, and load and unload them safely. They are always aware of the pallet position as this is a straightforward method to store pallets.

It’s also an effective method when storing different materials or products, as each rack can hold with a different product. Stock rotation is improved, and it is easy to see what remains in each frame.

Rack damage can be expensive and costly in terms of lost operational hours. A push back racking system reduces the chances of rack damage, as the forklift driver does not need to drive into it. They can easily remove the pallets after they have moved to the front of the rack. They have easy access to remaining pallets in the nesting carts due to the drive-in pallet racking system. This is also known as a drive-in rack.

As the racks are for the industrial environment, they can support heavy loads and move them safely through the system. Push back systems can combine with other types of racking, which are easy to install and use the available space intelligently. With no extra costs needed for any additional lifting devices, push back racking is an excellent choice in a variety of environments.

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