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Lift Tables

In today’s busy workplaces, short deadlines and high demands for productivity mean that ergonomic concerns often fall by the wayside in favor of meeting output demands.

The use of scissor lift tables is an important way for employers to promote proper ergonomics in the work setting. They ensure employees can complete their work and perform to their best without succumbing to the physical stresses and strains associated with repeated bending and lifting heavyitems.

Lift Table Design

Lift tables employ a scissor design which allows them to be adjusted both for different workers and for tasks requiring repeated lifting.
Lift tables are designed to improve posture during workers’ daily tasks by alleviating repetitive bending.This results in a decreased risk of workplace-associated injury.

In addition to improving safety and decreasing injury, ergonomic lift tables significantly increase the productivity of most businesses. They reduce the time spent bending and lifting inventory and packages, as well as lower labor losses associated with preventable injuries.

Scissor lift tables incorporate a hydraulic lift system and a flat tabletop surface into a functional, ergonomic design that removes the strain and burden of lifting.

Improve Workplace Ergonomics with Lift Tables

Lift tables are essential to worker comfort and ergonomics because they allow workers to work at a height that is comfortable and safe for them. They allow adjustments to the work surface that reduce strain on the back, spine, and core muscles.

Notably, many workplaces employ workers with height differences of up to 18 inches between them, as well as differences in body proportions, personal injuries, and more. Workplaces must accommodate employees at both ends of the height spectrum and ensure they can work in a safe, ergonomic position and without repeated bending.

Beyond immediate concern for workers’ wellness and comfort, there are other important reasons to use lift tables to improve workplace ergonomics. Every dollar spent on the prevention of workplace injury represents thousands of dollars of costs avoided to the employer.

Spending on ergonomic equipment such as lift tables is a hedge against the costs of sick leave, permanent disability, or even potential litigation.

Lift Table Customization

Scissor lift tables are customizableto the exact specifications and needs of individual workplaces. Accessories such as ball transfer tops, conveyors and tilters facilitate the ease of removing transported objects from the table’s surface. Rotators and carousels perform similar functions and allow easy removal of items off the lift surface from all directions.

By incorporating scissor lift tables into your workplace, you ensure the ergonomic safety of your employees is preserved and that costly interruption to productivity are avoided.

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