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Lift Table

In today’s busy workplaces, short deadlines and high demand for productivity mean that ergonomic concerns often fall by the wayside in favor of meeting output demands.

Scissor lift tables is an easy way for employers to promote proper ergonomics in the workplace.

Lift tables employ a scissor design to improve posture during workers’ daily tasks by alleviating repetitive bending. This results in a decreased risk of workplace-associated injury.

Scissor lift tables incorporate a hydraulic lift system and a flat tabletop surface into a functional, ergonomic design that removes the strain and burden of lifting. We offer multiple lift table styles, designs, and platform sizes so you can find the right product for your warehouse floor.

Roll a unit load onto a platform with ease using a pallet truck with a floor level lift table. It’s ideal for loading and unloading, depalletizing, and palletizing in conjunction with machines and conveyors.

Our standard stationary lift tables are versatile for different sizes and types of loads, whether you’re lifting or picking orders. You can also set them up as work stations for assembly and handling applications.

Mobile lift tables give you the freedom to work from anywhere and transport heavy loads without straining your back and knees. Mobile lifts include wheel casters and a hydraulic lift system for maneuverability and durability.

Portable hydraulic scissor lifts are designed to use battery power units, so you don’t have to plug-in near an outlet.

A work positioner table lifts and tilts containers up to a 90-degree angle for unloading containers and positioning workpieces for transport.

Lift tables are customizable to the exact specifications and needs of individual workplaces. Custom lifts include ball transfer tops, conveyors, and tilters, which facilitate the ease of removing transported objects from the table’s surface.

Create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your employees with these ergonomic lift tables. Contact us today for all of your storage and material handling concerns.


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