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Pallet Tilter

It isn’t always convenient or efficient to wait for a forklift driver who’s helping out on the other side of the warehouse. If staff are standing around waiting for help to move heavy items, then time and money are being lost. Worse, if the driver is off, orders could go out late, and customers are left feeling unhappy.

These situations are when high-quality pallet tilters become an invaluable tool for the warehouse. Able to carry substantial weights, users can operate these trucks while standing at the controls by the handle.

Double-Faced Pallet Tilter

With a standard eight coil cord and leak-proof 12v battery, our electric pallet tilters are ideal for your needs. Our straddle models with powered tilt can lift and tilt double-faced pallets, something which may be beyond the ability of other pallet tilters. We can also supply non-straddle models for wire baskets and filled tote boxes or baskets. The folding ergonomic handle has dual steering capability.

As the controls are hand-held, employees can easily maneuver their loads around the warehouse, safely and without the need for a forklift. Pallet tilters are an excellent tool when seeking to save space and allow employees to transport products quickly.

Safety in the Workplace

Warehouse environments are fast-moving and fluid environments. Safety for both employees and visitors is paramount. As newly designed heavy-duty tilt master models do not have frames that extend into the user’s eye line, they can maintain good spatial and visual awareness at all times.

Heavy lifting is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries due to bending. Back injuries are particularly common and can result in employee absence, the need to recruit further staff, and even employee claims for compensation. A truck or lift table can help reduce these accidents.

With dual steering grips for quick and safe handling, it works great and tilters will function as a transporter by moving completed products from work station to work station without waiting for a fork truck.

Emergency safety stop locks can provide a further health and safety benefit, and a push handle that folds out of the way makes pallet tilters both convenient and safe to use.

Who Should Have a Pallet Tilter

Anyone who works with pallets can benefit from having a pallet tilter on site. Not only is it invaluable in the unexpected absence of licensed fork truck or lift drivers, but they are vital for allowing appropriately trained employees to transport products safely and efficiently around the warehouse. Having a pallet tilter increases productivity and their quick and easy maneuverability makes them a must-have for any industrial workspace.

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Pallet tilters can transform the workflow of your warehouse. To view the range of available choices, contact us today for free advice and a demonstration of our pallet tilters.

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