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Expandable Flexible Conveyors

When it comes to moving loading and unloading trucks, packing and assembly operations- efficiency, speed, and safety are vital. Lengthy and unnecessary handling time eats into profits and hampers the ability to operate at maximum potential.

Accordion-style Portable Flexible and Expandable conveyors are a good way to reduce the time it takes to accomplish the task while reducing the potential for employee injuries. We offer a diverse selectionof conveyor systems to custom fit the unique needs of each company.
Instantaneously set up your shipping, assembly or packing operations with an expandable conveyor.

When not in use they reduce to 25% of the expanded length for compressed storage


They are all equipped with adjustable heightlegs, so you can set up to the heights that you need.

Rollers and skate wheels are available steel, galvanized, plastic and urethane finishes.

Available in various lengths and light, medium and even heavy-duty configurations to meet any requirement that you may have.

Skate Wheel Gravity Conveyors are self-tracking giving smooth movement of different-size packages and materials.

Gravity Roller Conveyorsare best used to handle abnormally shaped boxes, pails,anddrums.

Power expandable roller conveyors are used when you have high volumes, long runs,andmultiple turns

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