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Drum Storage Rack

Drum storage requires strict adherence to the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations, particularly when storing hazardous or flammable liquids. We understand that protecting, organizing, and storing these drums is a primary concern for your business. There are four main drum storage solutions available that can address these concerns.

Selecting your Drum Storage Solution

Many requirementsgovern the storage of hazardous liquids and materials. Whether you are holding this type of inventory or not, the goal remains to minimizedrum damage and the risk of falling or spilling.

Consider your inventory and operations carefully when selecting a drum storage rack.Determine how much space you have available, size of drums desired, and assess the rate of inventory turnover. Consider if you require any drainage solutions and if you prefer vertical or horizontal storage options.

Other Considerations

If drums contain hazardous materials, they cannot be stored in an area subject to hot metal, an open flame or other artificial heat sources.

Depending on the size of the drum, you must take certain precautions. A 30-gallon drum holding hazardous materials, for example, must reside in an area with barriers to protect workers from physical injury.If you use 55-gallon drums, OSHA requires a 360-degree barrier of dikes or pans that can hold at least 35% of the drum’s volume. Fire extinguishers must also be positionednear the drums.

Consult with a professional to review all regulations before selecting your business’ drum storage solution. Depending on the inventory you are storing, you might be subject to additional Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Uniform Fire Code (UFC) regulations.

Drum Pallet Storage Racking Options

Thereare four main drum storage solutions: drum storage racks, portable drum storage racks, drum pallet racks, and modular drum storage racks.

Manufacturers engineer drum storage racks using heavy-duty steel. Companies use these style racks for low-turnover products requiring long-term storage.The racks cradle the drums in place, protectingits contents.

Portable drum storage racks are ideal for high-turnover inventory. This style allows forklifts to move the drums around and reposition them easily. Using portable drum storage racks provides a cost-effective method for reducing labor costs and risk of accidents. You can turn over your drum inventory quickly and safely. The racks have steel cross supports, steel drum cradles, and a rectangular steelframe that makes the unit very stout.

Drum pallet racks maximize vertical space by cradling inventory to minimize the risk of falls and spills. This pallet racking storage solution is ideal for nearly any drum size and makes transporting drums significantly more efficient.

Modular drum storage racks are unique in that they can store an individual drum, or you can store up to five drums vertically using connector posts. The posts require no tools to assemble. These units are constructed of double-welded steel. You can easily access a drum using these types of pallet racks without disturbing other drums around it.

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