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Mobile Racking Storage Systems

When you have a building or storage area that can’t be expanded or is expensive to operate, mobile pallet racking could be the ideal solution to maximize storage. Heavy duty mobile pallet racking is often utilized in cold storage facilities, freezers and any other location or type of storage that requires a very compact and dense pallet racking storage solution for heavy products.

Mobile pallet racks can help organize and streamline warehouses with this sort of issues.

What Are Mobile Pallet Racks

Mobile pallet racks resemble fixed pallet racks. The racks mount on rolling carriages placed on tracks. The tracks are installedinto the existing slab flooring and are ADA compliant.

The row of pallet racksmovessideways on the floor tracks. As each rack moves, a new aisle opens. Mobile rack systems can be four or more rows high. Coupled with the warehouse’s inventory control system, access to theproduct can be efficiently achieved, pulling everything needed from the first rack, then moving it to the next.

Depending on the system installed, mobile pallet racks can carry loads of over 20,000 pounds per bay. Heights can be up to 36, and racks can be 100 – 200 long.

Access to each pallet is direct.

Some racks are double, opening on different aisles. Others are single, accessible from either side.

Hence, there are no limitations in FILO (First in Last Out) situations. If you use FIFO (First in First Out), you don’t have to move other pallets around to access inventory.

Other Advantages of Mobile Pallet Racking Systems

Mobile storage solutions of all kinds save valuable space. You utilize less floor space with a mobile system. Mobile pallet racking reduces the number of aisles effectively to one. You design the system around the forklifts and other equipment in the warehouse.

Mobile pallet racks make it possible to store more in eachspace or can reduce your storage space needs if the enterprise is operating at capacity.

Mobile pallet racking saves the expense of new construction. Installation is relatively quick andinterferes minimally with your existing warehouse operation.

This space-saving feature becomes particularly valuable for companies that have high land cost situations, such as cold or freezer units.

Finally, you don’t need any specialized trucks to move your racks around.

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