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Bins, Totes & Containers

Bins, Totes & Containers

Practical storage options are key to running an efficient warehouse or business. At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we offer a number of storage solutions to help save space and improve efficiency in your business. Labeling, color-coding, and dividers provide a variety of ways to create an organizational system that will help your employees and customers locate inventory quickly. Your customers and employees can also select the exact number of items they need more effectively.

Plastic Shelf Bins

Plastic shelf storage bins are a useful way to store parts, supplies, and keep materials organized. Utilize a color-coding system to minimize searching and errors, and choose plastic shelf bins that will fit your shelving unit sizes. You can accessorize your bins with covers, width dividers, labels, and bin cups. Empty plastic shelf bins can be stored inside each other to minimize space use.

Plastic shelf bins can sit on a single- or double-sided pick rack system, be used as a stand-alone, or used on a bench rack. They are waterproof to protect the contents, and incredibly easy to wipe out and clean. This makes them a better option than wood, mesh, or metal shelf bins.

Plastic Bins, Corrugated Bin Boxes, and Tote Boxes

Plastic storage bins and tote boxes help maintain organization of your inventory and improve productivity for your employees. Bin boxes can be hung on louvered panels or rails, or stacked on shelves. You can fit your plastic bin boxes with labels dividers, and lids to further customize your inventory storage. These are a versatile storage option, especially for keeping smaller items organized. Bin boxes are easier to access and locate needed items, as opposed to storing items in drawers.

Corrugated bin boxes provide additional storage options for small items and inventory. Many retail businesses, hospitals, auto parts stores, and convenience stores depend on corrugated bin boxes to keep things organized and displayed for customers.

Plastic tote boxes are stackable and provide vertical storage options for your inventory. You can create a color-coding system to create your own organizational system. You can find them with or without lids for stackability, and with labels to increase productivity for workers who need to locate supplies quickly. Heavy-duty plastic tote boxes are incredibly durable and will last for many years.

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