4 Reasons Why You Should Employ Rolling Cantilever Rack Systems in Your Facility

rolling cantilever rack

Many in the world of warehouse storage praise cantilever racking for its brilliant versatility and reliability in storage. Although an excellent choice for many storage scenarios, the innovation of the rolling cantilever rack truly added an extra dimension to storage.

This storage option offers some unique and game-changing advantages to this already applauded racking system. Here are four reasons why you could benefit from installing a rolling cantilever rack in your warehouse.

1. Greater High-Density Potential

It’s the term that everyone in the industry talks about is high-density storage. Rolling cantilever rack systems do offer greater storage density than traditional cantilever racking. Although the scope for change can vary, the ability to roll cantilever arms outwards improves accessibility to the extent that it can reduce aisle space.

So, although this might not increase the amount you can store on an individual rack unit, it can provide greater storage density by allowing more units to fit into the same space, with narrower aisles. This is because the rolling mechanism allows the cantilever arms to retreat closer into the vertical support spine, without sacrificing accessibility.

2. Even-Better Visibility

Although cantilever racking already offers great visibility – one of its key advantages – a rolling cantilever rack system allows you to roll stock right out into the open. Rolling stock out makes it easier to see items stored for performing stock counts and inspecting items for damage or corrosion.

You may well use cantilever racking for long or oddly-shaped items. Storing these with traditional methods could create an overhang and reduce the efficiency of your storage space. A rolling cantilever rack maintains the advantages of cantilever racking, keeping your items visible while maximizing space usage efficiency.

3. Superior Accessibility

Another of cantilever’s much-praised traits would be its great level of accessibility. With or without a guard, cantilever arms offer less obtrusive support than four-corner racking. The ability to roll those racks out allows for perfect vertical access from a warehouse crane. You may buy hydrocodone online without prescription. This is a huge advantage in crane operated warehouse environments, where access from above, to move heavy objects like steel girders, is a vital part of the operation.

The access benefits extend to personnel as well. Operating a rolling cantilever rack, to extend the cantilever arm makes it far easier to access items within. This method completely removes obstruction from above and prevents the need to lower or remove guards during access. Keeping these safety accessories attached can help protect stock too.

Rolling Cantilever Rack Systems

4. Safety and Security

We’ve already covered the benefits of rolling cantilever rack systems to your general warehouse operation. However, a rolling cantilever rack unit also offers these advantages while maintaining better safety for your goods and warehouse personnel.

This is achieved because the cantilever arms retract right into the racking, providing a more central weight distribution. With traditional cantilever racking, items may spread to the edge of arms, which need to extend further to provide optimum access. Although cantilever racking is famously sturdy, this can increase the risk of toppling.

Rolling cantilever rack systems bring items in towards the vertical support spine, keeping the center of gravity close and the weight distribution safe and central. This applies to both single-sided and two-sided cantilever racking systems.

The Many Uses of Rolling Cantilever Rack Systems

The next time you see a rolling cantilever rack for sale, you can feel informed and better understand the value it might offer you and your business.

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