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Rack Safety Products & Accessories

The safety of your rack system is paramount to its success in your business operations. Someracks have built-in safety features, but if not, or if you need to augment the built-ins, there are several types of rack safety accessories available.

Consider investing in additional rack safety accessories during the installation of new racks. Adding any one or more of the multiple design modifications and accessories available will extend the life of your rack, prevent damage from daily-use, and help safeguard your workers.

Assess your Layout When Selecting Pallet Racking Safety Accessories

One of the leading causes of accidents and rack damage is warehouse layout.

Limited aisle clearance contributes to the risk of collision and physical injury.When determining the layout of your warehouse or plant, consider the type of inventory your store, the dimensions, turnover rate, and desired fulfillment rates. Don’t forget to leave sufficient room for forklifts to manoeuver.

You may want to add safety guardrails to your list of accessories and position them around racks and equipment.

How to Protect your Investment

Rack safety accessories help your business minimize safety risks.

For operational protection close to the ground, post protectors and column guards absorb the impact of collisions and reduce damage to your rack’s upright posts.These accessories help extend the life of your racking. Steel post protectors can be installed in almost any application and other than floor anchors, require no hardware. Plastic impact absorbing post protectors simply snap on to the upright post.

Column guards come in multiple styles and sizes, are usually painted bright orange or safety yellow.

Wrap around end aisle rack protectors shieldvulnerable rack-aisle-ends from fork truck traffic. The Rack Pal heavy duty construction will prevent collision damage should a forklift or other in-plant vehicle move off-course and accidentally knock the rack. When properly anchored to the floor, our rack protectors will help guard your investment without intruding into plantproduct flow patterns or reduce access to your pick area.

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories Options

Additional safety accessories include pallet safety backstop beams, pallet safety bars, wiremesh rack decking, guide angles, rackpal end aisle guards and rub rails.

Install a strong wall of safety between your team and your product with our wire mesh rack back guarding. These wire mesh panels bolt directly to your rack uprights, efficiently putting a barrier between racked materials and the assembly areas,picking aisles and pedestrian walkways below. You will no longer have to worry about broken pallets or falling items injuring one of your employees.

The open wire mesh partition allows you keep an eye on your inventory at all times. The panels simply bolt to the upright frame, they can be installed either flush to the back of the racking or with whatever offset you may require to accommodate your pallet overhang.In cases where the rack guarding must extend above the top of the upright frame, we have components to accommodate that as well.

Rub rails help redistribute the force of an impact from a rack’s front column to its rear column. This heavy horizontal addition is bolted or welded to the frame to prevent the pallet rack columns from rotating or bending during a collision.

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