4 Ways Vertical Structures Optimize Manufacturing Space

Vertical Structures Optimize Manufacturing Space

Optimizing your manufacturing space should be a priority for any new or existing facility. Ensuring you efficiently use your space means your business will be more productive and it could even save you money.

Building up rather than out has numerous advantages in terms of effective use of space in your manufacturing facility. From shelving rack systems to mezzanine levels, there are many ways to use vertical space.

Here are four ways vertical structures can optimize manufacturing space.

Space saving

Installing shelving rack systems or other vertical storage solutions will free up a significant amount of floor space in your manufacturing facility. Parts and components can be stored on shelving racks near to the relevant manufacturing section for easy access and an efficient storage solution.

In addition to shelving racks, conveyor systems can also be installed above the factory floor, so products or components can quickly and easily be moved to where they need to be.

You can also add to your existing floor space by installing a mezzanine level. There are many uses for a mezzanine level, including storage, holding additional plant and equipment and office space. The result is extra space that can be used to increase productivity and manufacturing volume.

Cost saving

Building up your existing space will always be less expensive than knocking down walls and expanding your facility or finding new premises and moving your entire operation. If you need additional room in your manufacturing facility, think about how effectively you are using the vertical space.

Also, storing large quantities of materials and components on shelving rack systems or other storage solutions close to where they will be processed can save you money because the manufacturing operations will be more efficient.

Tiered rack with sheet metal rolls
Tiered rack with sheet metal rolls. Internal warehouse of raw materials.

More efficient manufacturing operations

Using vertical space effectively can improve the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing facility. If you use vertical racks near machinery, buy adderall online without having any prescription you may find the downtime of the machines is reduced because they will not have to wait as long for materials to be located and brought to the correct spot.

The other benefit is improved material flow. Parts and materials can be strategically located in reasonable quantities at appropriate spots throughout the manufacturing facility. This means employees won’t have to go across the plant to source parts or materials.

Less chance of damage to parts and materials

The less distance parts and materials have to travel the less likely they will be damaged. If you store delicate or dent-prone materials close to where they are needed using your vertical space, you could save the hassle of dealing with damaged components.

Also, using proper shelving racks systems to maximize the use of vertical space can reduce the risk of materials shifting or falling onto employees or machinery. It also means there is less chance materials will be damaged on the racks as a result of being stacked on top of each other, accidents involving forklifts or other picking equipment or inadequate rack strength.

Shelving+Rack Systems’ professional team can guide you through maximizing the use of vertical space in your manufacturing facility. From design to installation, the team can help you get the most from your storage space.