6 Applications that Benefit from Cantilever Racks

Furniture Cantilever racks

Cantilever racks are a popular solution for storing bulky, extended, or odd-sized items in warehouses and distribution centers. Furniture cantilever racks, for example, are built using vertical supports and cantilever arms that attach to the vertical supports.

Using cantilever racks to store non-standard products is safer, especially when loading and unloading, and reduces the chances of a product being damaged or an employee injury.

Using cantilever racks will allow you to store long or bulky items in the same place. Similar SKUs can be kept together so employees can more easily locate and pick a product. buy oxycodone online without having any prescription, Storing these items on cantilever racks may also free up space on your standard shelves and let you store the faster moving stock or standard sized stock in one area.

Cantilever racks can be constructed either single-sided or double-sided, which gives you twice the storage space, and decking can also be installed on the cantilever arms for a long unobstructed storage surface.

Here are six applications that benefit from cantilever racks.


Cantilever racks are a great option to maximize your ability to store furniture including couches, desks, tables, cabinets, dressers, floor coverings, beds, and chairs. Boxes of flat-packed furniture or even fully constructed furniture (depending on the measurements of the cantilever racks) of varying lengths can be stored along the length of the cantilever racks. Furniture cantilever racks also allow staff to quickly identify and safely pick the relevant stock, ensuring efficient warehouse operations.

Pipes and lumber

Pipes and lumber can be awkward to store on traditional racks or shelving because of their length or large size. Cantilever racks solve this problem and allow you to store pipes or lumber on the cantilever arms effectively. Various lengths of lumber or pipes can easily be stacked on the cantilever arms for maximum storage capacity. Also, the cantilever racks come in different strength and weight grades to ensure the racks have the capacity to hold the items. From PVC or metal pipes to 2×12 lumber or plywood sheets, cantilever racks are the best storage solution.


Store drywall effectively and safely with cantilever racks. The cantilever arms come in many lengths, so you can be sure the arms will be deep enough when installed to hold any size of drywall sheet. Cantilever racks also make it easy to load and unload drywall sheets because the front of the rack is completely unobstructed.

 Cantilever racks
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Steel bars

Steel bars of almost any size are easily stored on cantilever racks. Cantilever racks are high-strength, heavy duty, and well suited to holding loads of big and heavy materials. Forklifts and other picking equipment have no trouble with picking stock off cantilever racks, especially when the racks do not have any decking.

Moldings and trim

Lengths of moldings and trim will fit comfortably and neatly into cantilever racks. Like storing lumber, different lengths of molding or trim can be stacked on the cantilever arms (with or without decking) for a great storage solution.

Sheet metal

Cantilever racks are a reliable storage solution for sheet metal. The sheets sit comfortably on the cantilever arms and provide an economical and safe means of storage.