5 Most Popular Racking Systems by Industry

Racking Systems in Industry

There are many more industrial racking systems than you can count on one hand – but that’s how many we’re giving you in our list of five of the most popular racking systems out there, and the industries they tirelessly serve. The list isn’t in any particular order, nor does it account for all possible uses of rack systems.

Without further ado, here are the five racking systems we chose. At least one of them might not be what you expected.

Carpet rack

Perfect for, well, carpets! This specialist rack dominates the industry of cozy living rooms and toasty interiors. Did you know that carpet racks are specially designed to preserve the integrity of the carpets they store?

Carpet racking doesn’t have a particularly wide range of uses, but when it comes to carpets, they feature some serious specializations that make storing carpets a piece of cake.

Carpet racks require a lot of aisle space to enable forklift trucks to carry and turn long rolls of carpet. When storing carpet, it is vital to leave lots of open space to minimize the risk of fire spreading – sprinklers help too! However, strong poles, like those provided by Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can handle up to 2,500 lbs. of carpet with a diameter of 48”.

Cantilever Rack

These racks come in a variety of sizes and duties to match the needs of a great number of industries. Among the chief users of cantilever are material providers, who make use of the open design to store long strips of wood or metal and other odd-sized items.

Interestingly, the furniture industry makes use of specialized racking systems to store items of all shapes and proportions. There is an artistry in warehouse management, but it doesn’t always go hand in hand with the visions of interior designers! Fortunately, cantilever racking systems are a versatile solution that assures cool heads in the world of furniture storage.

Tire Rack

Another self-explanatory racking system. Where would the auto industry be without the humble tire rack? Everyone has seen these lining the walls of a repair shop or manufacturer.

The ingenious design of the standard tire rack makes the tread visible to the user – an elegant solution that maximizes storage efficiency and visual access.

Drum Storage Rack

Storage can be tricky enough when dealing with solid objects, but when you need to stock and transport liquids, You may buy hydrocodone online without prescription it can be a real headache without the right equipment. Thankfully, drum storage racking is packed with safety features to prevent itself and your goods from damage.

Dikes and pans catch liquid emerging from faulty or punctured drums, protecting workers and surrounding containers. You can also deck these racks out with accessories such as barriers that reduce the possibility of drums suffering accidental damage from machinery or personnel.

Racking Systems

Pallet racking

The last but certainly not the least of our chosen racking systems is the pallet rack. Standardized pallet racking is the bread and butter of warehouse storage worldwide. There are innumerable variations among all the industrial racking systems for sale, but this is surely the most ubiquitous and efficient way to store almost anything.

Pallet racking reaches for the stars when stacked high and enhanced by mezzanine levels above. Meanwhile, mobile pallet rack solutions offer one of the best ways to squeeze out every inch of space in a warehouse and push storage density to the limit!

What racking is right for you?

Did this match your top five expectation? Hope to see something in this list that you didn’t? There is never just one solution when it comes to storage. Experts at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. are always available to help find the right racking for your operation.