7 Benefits of Using Boltless Shelving Systems

Boltless Shelving Systems

Boltless shelving systems are a cost-efficient and convenient solution for commercial and domestic storage and distribution facilities. They are composed of interlocking uprights, beams, and decking, while traditional shelving uses screws or bolts as fasteners.

These storage solutions offer several benefits that make them an excellent option for your space, such as superior organization, easy reconfiguration, better space utilization, and enhanced durability.

By using the boltless system, you can organize your inventory efficiently while increasing productivity levels. Explore some common benefits associated with using a boltless storage system.

Easy Installation

Boltless systems are simpler to assemble and install than regular shelving units.

They eliminate the need for nuts, bolts, screws, and other complex components in assembly, allowing you to install the shelving without hiring professionals.

Angle posts and T-posts provide the frame for the boltless structure construction. Within the structure, single rivet shelf beams and double rivet angle beams are securely locked with beam connectors using a rubber mallet.

For example, the industrial boltless shelving by Shelving + Rack Systems is designed for time-saving boltless assembly. It features adjustable beams that slide into place with no need for bolts or nuts. The inverted teardrop-shaped slots in the beams allow the rivet head to be inserted directly into the top. The shaft then slides down through the narrower area until firmly locked in place.

Industrial Boltless Shelving

Cost Efficiency

Boltless shelving systems are an economical way to store items, as they require only a single investment and can be maintained for years.

This makes them an excellent option for reducing costs since they can avoid buying extra components or tools each time adjustments are made. The units can remain in top condition with proper upkeep, saving businesses from long-term expenses.

Flexibility and Adaptability

You can adjust boltless shelving quickly without breaking apart the entire structure. This makes them ideal for areas such as retail outlets or libraries requiring frequent reorganization.

Since there are no individual screws or bolts used during setup, users can adjust their shelving units in increments of 1.5”. The decking and beam lengths also come in various sizes, including 12” to 48” in 16-gauge steel and 60” to 96” in 14-gauge steel. Depending on your specific needs, this allows you to store different items in various heights, widths, and depths.


The steel beams used in boltless shelving systems provide a strong support structure. This design also helps to improve the overall stability of the entire system, ensuring it can handle more weight than other conventional storage methods.

For example, the heavy-duty boltless shelving by Shelving + Rack Systems is constructed from 16-gauge steel to support 600-1,800 lbs. on each shelf.

They are also durable, enabling them to last many years even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. This is thanks to their galvanized steel construction, which gives them superior strength, resilience, and corrosion resistance.


Boltless shelving systems are highly versatile and suited to various residential, commercial, and industrial applications. This makes them an excellent choice for any situation where storage space is at a premium.

These shelves are available in various sizes and configurations to suit any space, whether it’s an office, garage, or warehouse. Shelving & Rack Systems, Inc. provides 16 and 14-gauge steel beams for boltless shelvings in single and double rivet types and multiple height options for different configurations.

Space Efficiency

These space-saving systems are designed to adjust each shelf to fit the exact dimensions of any item, wasting no space. Users can utilize every inch of storage space available with these systems since they can be stacked on top for optimal storage capacity.

They are also great at managing seasonal fluctuations in inventories, eliminating the need for warehouse expansion or moving to a different facility when the storage demands are high.

Maintenance Free

Unlike other storage solutions, boltless shelving systems do not require much maintenance. No individual screws and bolts need to be tightened or adjusted over time, and the interlocking panels can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

This also ensures that your shelves remain in good condition for many years while reducing the time and money spent on upkeep.

Boltless Shelving Systems at Shelving + Rack Systems

At Shelving + Rack Systems, we provide a range of boltless shelving systems and accessories for many applications. Our collection is carefully designed to provide optimal storage density and efficiency for any space.

Our team has extensive experience in selecting the ideal shelving system for our customers, ensuring they get the best fit for their business. Call us at (800) 589-7225 today to learn more about all the boltless shelving possibilities available.