6 Mezzanine Platform Applications

Mezzanine Platform

Industrial mezzanines are elevated platforms installed between the ceiling and floor of a warehouse or industrial facility. Industrial mezzanine systems use vertical space, increasing the usable square footage in a warehouse facility. Many mezzanine structures are manufactured from structural steel, ensuring they can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from industrial work platforms to prefab mezzanine offices.

Custom Mezzanine Designs

Mezzanine designs should be tailored to the existing warehouse space, providing maximum efficiency and avoiding costs associated with relocating. If your facility experiences seasonal fluctuations, a modular mezzanine level can be adjusted or relocated to adapt to your changing needs and increase the vertical space available for storage.

Important mezzanine components

A mezzanine is built from a wide variety of essential components. While the precise specifications can vary depending on the needs of your business, some of the critical parts include:

  • Steel bar grating
  • Structural bar joist
  • Column baseplate
  • Mezzanine stairway
  • Mezzanine composite
  • Building columns
  • Landing options
  • Decking options (e.g., corrugated steel decking, concrete decking, or a layer of metal decking)
  • Industrial ladders
  • Rail gates or drop gates

When creating modular mezzanine design systems, it’s essential to consider building codes, height requirements, and the layout of your facility. Failing to meet code requirements or planning appropriately can cause production and efficiency issues, diminishing long-term profits. If you’re thinking about increasing industrial space with modular mezzanine structures, consider the following industrial applications.

1.Elevated Work Platforms

Floor space is at a premium in any warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility. An extra mezzanine level increases the number of usable square feet in your space. This can be used as a custom work platform for various tasks. buy hydrocodone online without having any prescription, Intermediate-level platforms are easily accessed by industrial mezzanine stairs. Industrial work platforms can be built from a variety of materials according to the needs of your business.

For example, a fulfillment center is a hub of activity with designated areas designed for specific tasks. These facilities often use forklifts, vertical material lifts, pallet jacks, and other large machinery.

A proper mezzanine structure creates additional space for employees to package goods, sort merchandise, or accomplish other administrative duties. An elevated work area can improve employee safety, allowing them to operate on a different level from the machinery and equipment.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide a range of equipment and mechanical systems to help you create your ideal elevated work platform. A mezzanine stairway is one of the most critical aspects of an effective intermediate floor.

Our Bluff’s industrial mezzanine stairs are custom-designed and manufactured for your specific mezzanine stair requirements. They are built to ensure compliance with building code requirements and IBC and OSHA guidelines. These systems can be integrated with an intermediary landing, multiple platform levels, building columns, and custom work platforms.

2.Mezzanine Offices

Office space is one of the most popular uses for custom industrial mezzanine floor levels. If your business is expanding, you don’t necessarily need an extension or a new office facility to create additional floor space. Office mezzanines can be installed into overhead space, improving warehouse operations without eating into usable space.

These typically require mezzanine support steel for safety and stability. A prefabricated mezzanine office can be custom fitted with technology, machinery, sound control panels, and sprinkler systems, just like in standard office buildings.

They may also be insulated for energy efficiency, making them a cost-effective alternative to a fresh build or extension project. You don’t have to compromise on safety goals or efficiency to create a series of mezzanine offices.

We provide several modular mezzanine structures for use as offices, whether you require two, three, or four-wall systems. These units are highly adaptable and can be built into a range of building plans. They take a fraction of the time and cost to build compared to traditional structures. The expandable and adaptable design ensures you can relocate or expand if necessary.

These units can be formed into multi-story mezzanine offices. Each physical structure is available in various colors and finishes with heavy load-bearing storage roofs. The solid engineering mezzanine construction is perfect for industrial environments, like a manufacturing or production plant. Other popular applications for our mezzanine offices include:

  • Conference rooms
  • Breakrooms
  • Cleanrooms
  • Shipping offices
  • Logistics offices
  • Storage mezzanine space

Typically, a concrete floor is the best base for creating an elevated office space. As a strong and durable material, a concrete floor gives mezzanine offices stability. It is also resistant to damage from collisions with forklifts, pallet jacks, or material handling products.

3.Storage Platforms

Additional platform levels are often used as mezzanine storage systems. After installation, fit the space with shelving systems to create a simple storage mezzanine area. Before choosing storage solutions, ensure that standard flooring can withstand the weight from the shelving system.

Heavy materials like lumber or concrete may be unsuitable for a lightweight mezzanine. The weight of the material will put excess pressure on the support structures, increasing the risk of collapse. We send a building engineer to calculate the weight capacity of the mezzanine storage flooring, minimizing potential safety hazards.

We stock a wide variety of shelving systems suitable for warehouse mezzanines. Our inventory list contains freestanding, mobile, custom industrial, wire, and adjustable shelving options. We also supply a range of decking options for shelving units, ensuring you can find a perfect solution for your warehouse facility.

Our 200A adjustable shelving systems are easy to assemble and install without requiring nuts, bolts, or clips. The shelves adjust on 1 to ½-inch centers, ensuring they can hold various materials in different shapes and sizes. These units are available in a range of dimensions, according to your mezzanine deck height.

For heavy materials, consider our all-welded steel shelves. These units come preassembled, ensuring they integrate straight into your mezzanine storage systems. The 12-gauge steel shelves have a load capacity of 2,000 lbs. making them an excellent heavy-duty choice for mezzanine storage.

Mezzanine storage system

4.Pallet Rack Systems

Industrial mezzanine systems provide ideal space for pallet storage. Many businesses use warehouse mezzanines to increase the storage capacities of their facilities. Building racks onto the elevated structure opens up floor space and uses the full height of the premises. A pallet rack system is one of the most convenient and efficient ways to store inventory.

We provide new and used pallet racking equipment suitable for industrial warehouse mezzanines. Accessible rack shelving can significantly improve warehouse efficiency, accelerating picking times and making products easier to identify. Some of the most popular pallet rack systems we offer include:

  • Cantilever shelving and racking
  • Selective racking
  • Carton flow racking
  • Drive-in and drive-through racking
  • Push-back racking
  • Mobile racking

We also stock accessories and replacement parts for a wide variety of warehouse capital equipment. Whether you require steel mezzanine components like steel bar grating or a piece of equipment to help meet your safety goals, we have a range of options.

5.Equipment Mezzanine

The increased usable space from a structural steel mezzanine makes for an ideal location to store machinery and equipment like air compressors or fan decks. Warehouse capital equipment occupies valuable space, reducing the storage capacity for inventory. An equipment platform ensures that your pallet jacks, material handling products, industrial ladders, and other equipment are stored safely and efficiently.

Installing rail gates or safety guards is crucial to maintaining a safe equipment mezzanine. We supply multiple rail gate options, protecting your workers and preventing your equipment from falling and getting damaged.

Our Handle It safety guard rail gates provide comprehensive protection for your equipment mezzanine. They are designed to withstand contact from heavy machinery, like forklifts. These units are impact tested against machinery carrying 10,000 lbs. of inventory. The powder-coated material finish improves product visibility and protects the steel from rust and corrosion.

Consider our mezzanine fabric gate if you’re looking for an inexpensive option for a distribution center or office space. Crafted from strong PVC mesh, the fabric has a 1,000-lb. tear rating. These gates meet OSHA fall protection guidelines and operate effectively as a mezzanine stairway protectors or standard gates.

While the gates are excellent safety additions to an equipment mezzanine, they have a variety of uses, regardless of your mezzanine deck height. They can also be installed on the ground floor or section off certain areas of your facility. Browse our online store for even more rail gate options.

6.Retail Storage Space

An elevated mezzanine floor isn’t designed specifically for a warehouse or office. It is also a great way to expand commercial production space in a retail environment, like a store or showroom. Modular mezzanine design systems, equipped with accessible rack shelving, increase floor space and the number of products you can display.

The platform may also be an excellent showroom or exhibition display unit, depending on the mezzanine deck height. If your company can meet the height requirements, this is a less expensive option than adding an entirely new floor to your store.

We stock several accessible rack shelving options for your commercial production space. The Tennsco Q-Line shelving units are designed for industrial applications, like hardware stores or automotive parts dealers. The boltless design ensures they can be assembled quickly and easily. Choose between 20 or 22-gauge steel, depending on the products you store.

These shelves are available in open and closed configurations. They can support up to 1,000 lbs. of inventory. The shelves adjust in one-inch increments to accommodate a range of product types.

Improve Space Efficiency With a Mezzanine Storage Platform

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of new and used storage equipment, including warehouse mezzanines. We have several high-quality options, whether you require a mezzanine stairway or prefabricated steel mezzanines for your facility.

Planning and design services

We also provide planning, design, and consultation services. Our team can advise you on mezzanine flooring options, deck surfaces, fireproof materials, optional ladders, and other steel mezzanine components.

Installation services

Our professional installation crews are experienced in assembling and installing a wide range of mezzanine equipment, from standard mezzanine flooring to various deck surfaces (e.g., smooth surface decking and durable surface decking).

Our experienced staff has worked on a variety of building plans. From installing simple warehouse storage mezzanines to designing entire storage solutions for government facilities, we’ve tackled a range of major tasks. Our team has installed virtually every standard mezzanine handrail and all types of level sprinkler systems.

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If you’re interested in installing structural warehouse mezzanines for your storage facility, contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. Mezzanine flooring is an excellent way to increase the usable space in your warehouse, manufacturing facility, or plant production floor. It creates a new entire deck surface for foot traffic, opening up even more floor space.