How to Buy Cantilever Racks

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Cantilever racking is a type of warehouse storage that uses a single column to support horizontal arms. This makes it an ideal choice for storing large or long items, as well as beams and other construction materials. Cantilever racks are perfect for use in shipping and manufacturing facilities and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

For a storage solution that can handle large or irregular items, cantilever racks are a great choice. Contact Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. today to learn more about this versatile warehouse storage option.

Benefits of Using Cantilever Racks

Industrial cantilever racks provide an efficient storage solution for businesses that need to store awkwardly shaped or sized materials. By using the vertical space in a facility, cantilever racks free up valuable floor space that can be used for other purposes, like floor stacking.

Additionally, cantilever racks offer various storage options, including single and double-sided configurations. This flexibility allows businesses to customize their storage solutions to meet their specific needs. Aside from efficient space utilization, cantilever racks can bring a wide variety of benefits for your storage facility or warehouse operations.

Load Capacity

One advantage of cantilever racks is that they have a higher load capacity than other types of racks, making them ideal for storing bulky or heavy items. They also provide more access to stored items than other types of racks since there are no front posts or beam levels in the way. Forklift loading and unloading are seamless, which also contributes to a safer facility.

As a result, cantilever racks are often used for storing cumbersome items with the bulkiest storage requirements. Cantilever racking is also ideal for storing materials with uneven surfaces that need complete support on both ends. When load capacities are not evenly distributed, other forms of racking may not have adequate size or structure to provide sufficient support.

A cantilever rack typically has arms that extend out from the uprights and load support levels or shelves attached to the arms. The load-bearing arms are available in different materials, according to your load requirements. These can be adjusted to accommodate different load sizes.

Easy to Assemble

Cantilever racks are easy to assemble, making them a popular choice for warehouses and distributors who frequently receive shipments of bulky or oddly-shaped items. They can be installed in various configurations, allowing you to maximize your available storage space, whether you need to store steel bar stock, pipes, or sheet metal. These racks can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, and they have a weight capacity that far exceeds that of traditional shelving units.

Vertical Integration

Cantilever racks are a type of warehouse storage system that utilizes vertical space. They are comprised of vertical columns with horizontal arms projecting out from them. These arms can be used to support long or bulky items, such as steel sheets or pipes.

Since cantilever racks do not have vertical obstructions, they offer uninterrupted storage space and unimpeded access to stored items. This makes them an ideal solution for warehouses that use material handling equipment and forklifts to maximize their vertical storage space.

Another important benefit of vertical integration cantilever racks is that they don’t require a foundation. Despite their size and weight capacity, they can be easily relocated when needed. As a result, they are a versatile and efficient storage solution for any business that needs to make the most of its warehouse space.


Awkward materials like PVC pipes can be tough to store and access. However, unlike traditional pallet racks, cantilever racks do not have front columns, which allows you to stack and reach a broad range of goods. This direct access can significantly improve picking efficiency and flexibility.

Since there are no front columns in the cantilever rack system, forklifts can be driven right up to the load for quicker and easier loading and unloading. When selecting a cantilever rack system, it is important to consider your weight capacity requirements and the types of materials you will be storing.

Overloading refers to packing your racks with more weight than the manufacturer recommends. This can lead to cantilever deflection, which is essentially the bowing of the straight beams. Overloading can eventually lead to a hazardous rack collapse.

Types of Cantilever Racking

Since cantilever racking is designed to store heavier materials, it is manufactured using high-quality steel. This gives each rack longevity and ensures it can withstand wear and tear from frequent industrial use. Durable cantilever racks are usually made from roll formed or structural steel. Depending on your budget and storage requirements, one of these materials may be a better fit for your warehouse.

Roll Formed Racks

A roll formed cantilever rack is made from cold roll formed steel, which is of a lighter gauge than other types. It is used to create a wide variety of storage equipment, from furniture storage racks to light-duty cantilever racks. While it isn’t as strong as structural steel, a roll formed cantilever rack can support tens of thousands of pounds.

Roll formed steel racks are perfect for businesses that stock a variety of materials and product SKUs. They can be assembled and reconfigured quickly and easily without special tools, using boltless connections. This setup ensures you can adjust the shelf level by hand in seconds. Roll formed racking is mainly used in high-volume turnover facilities that require significant storage capacity.

Structural Steel Cantilever Racking

A structural cantilever rack is manufactured from hot-rolled structural steel in a different process from roll formed steel. The production process makes structural steel more durable than roll formed. A structural cantilever rack is capable of withstanding heavier loads and can stand up to harsh warehouse environments. Structural components are also durable and long-lasting.

How to Configure Cantilever Racking

A cantilever rack storage system is a modular addition to your warehouse, which can be upgraded or adjusted using accessories and additional equipment. Cantilever racks have four key components, which come in a wide range of materials and sizes. Choose from an array of custom designs to ensure you find a racking system that fulfills your facility’s needs.

Cantilever Arms

A cantilever arm is an L-shaped steel beam that projects outward at a right angle or at a slight incline. Rack arms offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of placement and range of motion. They are available in various capacities, arm level options, heights, and lengths. Cantilever storage arms support the inventory directly, so the load capacity per arm must be sufficient.

Cantilever Uprights

Upright columns, also called vertical uprights, are the cantilever rack system’s main structural support component. Uprights are manufactured in various sizes and capacities to accommodate any storage needs. Uprights are connected to bases and bracing to form a complete cantilever rack system.

Cantilever rack uprights are available in single and double-sided configurations. Single-sided uprights only have arms on one side and are typically used for storing lighter loads. Double-sided uprights have arms on both sides and can store heavier loads. Uprights can also be equipped with horizontal braces to provide additional support for hefty loads.

Cantilever rack system

Cantilever Bases

One of the most critical parts of a cantilever rack is the base. The base provides stability for the upright and helps to distribute the weight of the stored items evenly. Cantilever bases come in different heights and styles to meet the needs of various applications.

Some bases are designed for specific types of uprights, while others can be used with any unit. Cantilever rack base height is an essential consideration as it must be tall enough to accommodate the height of the stored items. Racks with taller bases can also be used to create mezzanines, which provide additional storage space on top of existing storage areas. Depending on the application, cantilever bases can be connected together using bolts or welding.

Cantilever Braces

Many heavy-duty cantilever racks feature a horizontal brace between uprights to help stabilize the racks and prevent them from tipping over. This is a significant safety feature, as racks require excellent stability to house heavy materials safely.

Cantilever braces are typically made of steel or aluminum. Rack braces are available as brace sets or individually in multiple sizes to accommodate different storage units. In most cases, cantilever braces are installed by professionals to ensure safety.

How to Choose the Right Cantilever Rack System for Your Business

When choosing a cantilever rack system for your business, it is essential to consider the following factors:

Space Requirements

Cantilever racks require significant space, so measure your available warehouse space before making a purchase. The arms of the rack must have enough room to extend outward without hitting other objects.

Load Capacity

Each arm of a cantilever rack must be able to support the weight of the stored items. Be sure to calculate the total weight of the inventory stored on the rack and choose a sufficient arm capacity.

Height Requirements

The height of the items you wish to store will dictate the size of the cantilever rack system you need. Be sure to compare the item height with the base height of potential cantilever racks to ensure they are compatible.


Cantilever racks are most commonly used in high-volume warehouses, so they may not be suitable for all businesses. Consider your storage needs and how much space you have available before making a purchase.

The Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. Solution

Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is a leading new and used warehouse equipment provider. We stock a wide range of pallet racking options, including several high-quality cantilever racks. Our comprehensive inventory list contains a selection of affordable systems, including:

  • Cantilever rack starter packs
  • Galvanized cantilever racks
  • Heavy-duty series cantilever racks
  • Medium-duty cantilever racks
  • Light-duty cantilever racks
  • Structural cantilever racks

All-Welded Cantilever Racks

Our all-welded cantilever racks are slightly smaller than other varieties but offer an efficient storage solution for horizontal space. These units hold up to 1,500 lbs. per shelf and boast an overall weight capacity of 4,000 lbs. They are suitable for storing heavy bar stock, aluminum sheets, building materials, steel pipes, and other awkward loads.

These units are available in two different sizes. You can purchase our all-welded racks with built-in wheels if you require mobile racking.

Medium Duty Cantilever Racks

Our Series 1000 medium-duty cantilever racks from Meco Cantilever Omaha are an excellent option for various products, from raw materials to bar stock pipes. They provide unobstructed forklift access for fast and efficient product retrieval.

With a sturdy and stable base, these racks can sustain decades of industrial use. A key advantage of using these racks is the ease of installation and configuration. The arms are adjustable on 3-inch centers up and down, facilitating manual loading or forklift access.

They are available as single or double-sided racks in a range of heights, beam lengths, and arm lengths. Cantilever rack arms can support up to 16,200 lbs.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

The Series 2000 racks from Meco Cantilever Omaha are a heavy-duty storage solution for storing heavier materials for lumber yards or large warehouse facilities. These units facilitate vertical storage and are available up to 20 feet high. Like the Series 1000 racks, the Series 2000 is easy to install and reconfigure with an open base and adjustable arm lengths.

Cantilever arms are available from 12 to 48 inches, depending on the type of products you store. The largest arms can hold up to 36,200 lbs. You can choose from single or double-sided racks.

Galvanized Steel Cantilever Racks

Galvanized steel boasts corrosion-resistant properties so that it can be used in industrial environments, cold storage facilities, and humid warehouses. Many racks are coated in a powder finish, helping prevent rust and oxidation, which can jeopardize the unit’s structural integrity. This material is often needed in warehouses that experience temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Our galvanized steel cantilever racks are designed specifically for tough warehouse environments. They can be installed quickly and easily, ensuring rapid integration into your existing space. These units can store timber, piping, building products, and other bulky materials. However, their rust resistance and durability are also suitable for freezer and cooler applications.

The structural cantilever towers have a capacity of 12,500 lbs. Cantilever arm capacities support up to 3,480 lbs.

These cantilever rack units are:

  • Secure, safe, and durable
  • Easy to access via forklift truck or manual direct pick access
  • Available in single or double-sided cantilever rack configurations
  • Adjustable, with arms mounted on 4-inch centers
  • Available in galvanized steel or high-quality powder coating

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Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. produces a wide array of racking and shelving systems for warehouses and storage facilities. Our new and used products are tested stringently to pass the strictest safety requirements. We also stock additional items, like storage accessories and safety equipment.

Our professional warehousing team provides planning, design, and consultation services. We can help you upgrade an existing space or complete an entire design from scratch. If you need help with your cantilever rack purchase, our team can guide you through the process, whether you’re looking for a commercial lumber storage rack or replacement vertical columns.

We have factory-trained crews available to offer cantilever rack installation services. These units ensure correct spacing between structural cantilever columns and check that the load capabilities of the storage levels are in line with your needs.

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