6 Popular Uses for Metal Shelving in the Workplace

Metal Shelving

Along with industrial pallet racking systems, metal shelving units are a mainstay in warehouses and manual handling facilities. Storage racks are essential for the safe storage of inventory, providing fast and easy access for lightweight items that are manually processed. Metal shelving is available in a variety of sizes and styles and is easy to add to your space anytime you need extra shelves.

In addition to their industrial applications, metal shelving units are frequently used in other industries, from retail stores to car repair shops. Depending on their function and storage capacity, they can be freestanding shelves or bolted to the floor for security.

Here are six popular uses for metal shelving units in the workplace.

1. Manufacturing Plant Storage

There are two main approaches to industrial storage: palletized racking systems or manual handling shelving units. While machine manufacturing plants, motor vehicle factories, and other large-scale producers may require sophisticated, vertically integrated pallet racking, many manufacturing facilities can use other types of shelving racks, including freestanding shelves.
Rather than using forklifts to load and retrieve pallets, smaller operations pack goods into storage cabinets or on metal shelves in a variety of sizes.

Staff pick and load each item by hand, often using carts or hand trucks to transport heavy objects. A key advantage of metal shelving in manufacturing plants is its customizability.

Most industrial shelving is easy to assemble and can be adjusted to the storage needs of your facility. Custom shelving units help create a more organized workspace, improving worker productivity, and benefiting workflow.

In manufacturing, avoiding bottlenecks is one of the major challenges for management. Bottlenecks are any obstructions or restrictions to the production process. Choosing the right metal shelving reduces clutter, increases product visibility, and helps reduce the risk of production bottlenecks.

Our all-welded industrial metal shelving units are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a heavy-duty storage shelving option. These are open industrial shelving systems, allowing easy access to inventory from all sides. Manufactured with 12 gauge steel, these units have a 2,000 lb. loading capacity per shelf. Choose from a range of sizes for your 4 or 5-tier storage rack.

If you need something similar but with additional security, our all-welded compact storage locker may be the right product. This 5-shelf steel shelving unit comes with compact shelves made of 14-gauge steel for strength, a lockable 270° door, and perforated footpads for secure installation to the floor.

2. Office Supplies Storage

Although many companies are transitioning to paperless or digital-based offices, having a dedicated organizational solution for maintaining old records is crucial to many businesses.

Archiving documents takes up valuable surface area in office spaces without the right storage equipment. Metal shelving is an ideal storage solution for creating a record archive in your workplace.

We provide two styles of record archive shelving. Our Hallowell 4-shelf flexible shelving starter kits are a solid option for holding documents and archive boxes. These industrial-strength metal shelving units can store up to 1,050 lbs of materials. Depending on your requirements, these shelving storage units are compatible with different decking materials, including particle board and recycled materials.

Our Tennsco record storage shelving is an ideal storage solution if you don’t require heavy-duty shelving. Available with two or three shelf openings, these units have a maximum loading capacity of 238 lbs. Our largest shelving storage unit can store up to 80 archive boxes, accommodating a variety of storage needs.

If you’re looking for filing equipment, we also stock file cabinets. Our heavy-gauge welded steel office files cabinet is a durable option that can sustain years of regular use. It also doubles as a locking cabinet for office files that need to be kept private, such as payroll documents. The high-quality drawers and shelves slide easily on full-extension ball-bearing suspensions, minimizing wear and tear over time.

We also offer standard Lyon office space storage cabinets if you simply need extra storage space in your office environment. These storage cabinets come with four 36” shelves and three-point lockable doors, providing plenty of accessible storage space for all your office supplies.

3. Heavy-Duty Storage

Industrial steel shelving can house heavy-duty, bulky items in warehouses, fulfillment centers, and other industrial spaces. Whether your facility regularly handles machinery components, tools, or building materials, enduring metal shelving solutions are needed to store your heaviest items.

Unlike standard units with plastic or wood shelves, a heavy-duty storage shelving unit with metal shelves can typically sustain much heavier weights. This extra weight capacity allows for more efficient use of your facility’s storage space.

Overloading lightweight shelving can be a major safety hazard, posing a threat to warehouse handlers as well as inventory. While it’s important to consider product size when choosing shelving units and storage equipment, you must also focus on loading capacity per shelf.

We stock a wide range of heavy-duty steel shelving, helping you create a versatile space for storing goods, regardless of your industry. One of the most popular heavy-bearing options is our 200A shelving.

The 200A shelving unit is highly durable and ideal for storing heavy objects. The largest 200A shelving units are available with laminate board and offer up to 300 lbs loading capacity per shelf.

This 5-tier shelving unit requires no nuts, bolts, or shelf clips for assembly. The adjustable shelves are mounted on 1-½” centers, allowing you to reconfigure the unit for differing SKUs.

Steel Wire Shelving Rack

4. Cold Storage

The steel wire shelving rack is frequently used for cold storage applications. Steel wire shelves promote natural air circulation, which helps you to regulate the temperature of the space. Steel wire shelves also improve air circulation and prevent the build-up of dust and debris, which could potentially harm food or pharmaceutical products.

Many wire shelving units are coated in antibacterial coating, protecting inventory from contamination. Unlike plastic and wood shelves, galvanized steel shelves are resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations, making them the ideal storage solution for freezer rooms and other cold environments. You may also find a metal wire shelving unit in a commercial kitchen storage room or pantry space.

We stock a vast range of premium-grade wire shelving, whether you need a height-adjustable metal shelving unit for a pharmaceutical lab, shelving units, and storage on wheels or multi-tier shelving for your restaurant’s cold storage room.

Our 4-shelf consumer-grade wire shelving units are manufactured with zinc plated steel wire shelves, making them an excellent option for cold storage. Each unit comes with adjustable leveling feet for stability. All four steel storage shelves have an 800 lbs. loading capacity, enabling high-density storage. They are easy to reconfigure with adjustable shelves in 1” increments.

If you need to augment the versatility of your cold storage wire shelving units, consider installing a wire shelving mobile kit. These sets of high-durability casters will transform your static storage shelving unit into a mobile wire shelf unit, ideal for cold storage rooms or a pantry space requiring regular inventory reorganization.

5. Retail Storage

The benefits of metal shelving go far beyond industrial settings. The clean, linear design also makes metal storage an excellent choice for storing a variety of materials and products on display shelving units. For example, a metal organizer wire rack can be used as a visual merchandising tool to display clothing items in a modern fashion outlet.

Wire shelving is also frequently used in libraries as utility shelving. The mesh improves air circulation and prevents dust and pollutants from gathering and damaging your favorite books.

Mobile metal shelving also plays a vital role in retail storage, helping staff transport stock throughout the store. We carry a range of carts and mobile shelving, including our 4-tier zinc mobile units. Although these units come with industrial caster and brake sets, we also sell replacement casters.

For light to medium-duty retail use, consider upgrading to a super lock industrial caster with brake. These wheel casters are manufactured from heavy-gauge steel and feature two perfectly aligned swivel raceways. They are durable, long-lasting, and can support mobile units with up to 1,000 lbs. loading capacity.

If your retail business uses mobile shelving to transport items to and from the stockroom, safety must be a priority. We supply marking tape in a variety of custom colors. These are used to guide workers safely through congested storage space areas.

6. Garage Storage

Metal shelves have long been used to meet a variety of storage needs in the garage, both residential and commercial. Automotive garages use a variety of metal storage units, from shelving brackets to garage cabinets. Garage shelves are typically durable and robust, manufactured from heavy-gauge steel.

Our industrial garage shelving has industrial-strength steel construction and up to 238.5 lbs. capacity per shelf. This heavy-duty garage storage unit is available with open and closed shelving, ensuring it can be positioned against garage walls or as part of an aisle.

These garage storage shelves are durable and come with easy assembly instructions. It is a perfect storage solution for a range of items, including automotive detailing products, heavy dies, and castings.

Other popular garage shelving options include our modular storage units with drawer inserts. These are high-performance units with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs per drawer, ideal for storing heavier items and tools.

They feature a combination of ergonomically designed drawers to make individual tools and components easy to see and access throughout a busy working day. The matte gray finish fits any garage, regardless of style and aesthetics.

For commercial garages and automotive facilities needing the best organizational solution for their business, you won’t find a better metal utility shelving unit than our sloped shelving units with pick rack systems.

These affordable storage solutions come with arrays of organizational bins (4 and 6 inches deep), perfect for loose storage and rapid identification of small tools and parts.

Upgrade Your Workplace With High-Quality Metal Shelving

High-quality, reliable shelves contribute to a more organized workplace, opening up space and increasing visibility. Whether you need archive storage for a busy office, height-adjustable shelves for modular storage, or an additional garage shelving unit to create a dream garage storage space, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. is your go-to supplier for all types of shelving racks.

If ease of installation is a worry, our turnkey storage offering includes installation services. We can also help you plan an overhaul for your storage facility and increase your total storage capacity. Our experienced design team is task-oriented and can create a plan with your budget in mind.

For more product details or to explore our entire inventory list, browse our online catalog. If you have questions about our additional services, get in touch with our customer service people by calling (800) 589-7225.