Steel Shelving Storage Units & More

Steel Shelving Storage Units

Modern warehouses and storage facilities are carefully designed to maximize storage space and create a productive environment for workers. Industrial storage systems have advanced significantly in recent decades, enabling warehouse managers to find the right units for the precise needs of their facilities.

Steel shelving is one of the most popular types of inventory management equipment. It is available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, ensuring it can accommodate a range of goods, including lightweight and heavy items.

Storage shelving units are excellent options for manual handling facilities that require fast and easy access to goods. They are also useful supplemental storage for large pallet racking systems.

Advantages of Steel Shelving Storage Units

From fulfillment centers to retail stores, virtually all merchandise-based businesses benefit from quality storage systems. Organizations that experience high volumes of goods require space-efficient equipment to store, manage, and access products. The units must be stable and reliable to ensure the safety of warehouse operators and staff. Industrial steel shelving is some of the safest and most reliable storage equipment available to warehouse managers. Here are five key benefits of installing the right type of shelving units in your facility.

Heavy-duty design

Although it is available in a variety of materials, industrial shelving is usually manufactured using heavy-gauge steel. It is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding frequent and intensive use. Certain types of shelving can support heavy-duty storage, like automotive equipment, building materials, and other heavier items.

However, not all steel shelving is the same. Warehouse managers must pay careful attention to the weight capacity per shelf to ensure it can safely support specific inventory. Despite their durability, overloading shelving units is a real problem. It strains the structural components, making them vulnerable to collapse.

Straightforward assembly

Compared to complex pallet racking systems, most storage shelving units are relatively easy to assemble. While some require tools and equipment for assembly, there are boltless options.

These adjustable shelves don’t use nuts, bolts, or clips to configure, ensuring tool-free assembly. The modular design allows you to adjust and adapt according to your facility’s needs quickly. This is particularly useful for businesses that handle a high number of SKUs or experience seasonal fluctuations.

Most industrial units are versatile, with adjustable shelving heights and customizable options. Consider adding bins or dividers to help organize small goods and accessories.

Accessibility and visibility

Industrial shelving helps create accessible storage space. It is available in closed and open configurations, making products more visible. Improved visibility makes it faster and easier to identify products and improves warehouse safety.

Highly visible and accessible goods reduce congestion that could potentially contribute to a warehouse accident, reducing the risk of injury. This is important in high traffic areas or when machine handling equipment is involved.

Mobile and stationary configurations

A key advantage of industrial shelving is that it is available in stationary and mobile variations. Mobile shelving is useful for moving office supplies or transporting heavy objects around a facility. Many contain built-in braking casters, ensuring they can be used safely while stationary or on the move.

While static shelving often possesses higher shelf weight capacities, it can be difficult to move, particularly when it is full. Mobile or freestanding shelves may be more effective depending on your accessible storage space and warehouse layout.


Steel shelving is one of the most cost-effective industrial storage options. Although premium-quality, heavy-gauge steel storage isn’t necessarily cheap, it is typically more affordable than pallet racking. Its strength and durability ensure it can withstand decades of frequent use.

Types of Steel Shelving and Their Applications

Finding the right storage system is essential for any business. Choosing the wrong type, size, or shape of shelving or racking can cause significant delays in product picking and loading processes. This can have adverse knock-on effects along the supply chain, causing huge issues and monetary loss for businesses.

Management must work consistently to find the most efficient and productive systems for their business. If you’re planning a storage overhaul, prioritize choosing the right type of equipment.

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we provide a wide range of new and used warehouse equipment, including high-quality storage shelving units. Depending on the type of equipment you store, inventory size and weight, and your inventory management system, we have a variety of options. Some of the most popular shelving units we stock include:

Industrial shelving

Industrial-style shelving is a perfect storage solution for warehouses and distribution centers that handle high volumes of medium to heavy-duty goods. The metal shelves and steel frame provide stability, durability, and resistance to scratching and impact from forklifts.

The robustness and durability of industrial shelf units make them smart storage solutions for automotive workshops. They are also popular for heavy-duty garage storage. Industrial shelves can support a range of random objects, from gardening supplies to machinery.

Our 200B metal utility shelving is a heavy-duty storage option for commercial and residential settings. It is easy to assemble without nuts, bolts, or shelving clips. Each storage unit can be put together using a single rubber mallet.

A key advantage of the 200B range is its adjustability. Each adjustable metal shelving unit can be reconfigured quickly and easily. The shelves adjust in 1-inch increments, affording you extra storage space if needed.

Choose between laminate or particle board decking for each heavy-duty storage shelving unit. The shelves can support a maximum weight capacity of 1,100 pounds.

Industrial shelving

Boltless shelving

Boltless, or rivet shelving, is a versatile style of industrial storage designed without nuts or bolts. Instead, these units use corner post rivet holes and interlocking mechanisms to secure the steel frame to each individual shelf. This allows for quick and easy installation and seamless adjustability of shelf heights.

Boltless shelves are popular in various industries and are frequently used in warehouses, third-party logistics (3PL) centers, modern-style commercial kitchens, and retail stores. While there are heavy-duty rivet units, most boltless shelving is designed for smaller goods. Rivet shelving is one of the most popular garage shelving options for storing tools, small machinery, and personal items.

Whether you require additional storage for your living space, kitchen pantry, or your company’s office spaces, we supply a variety of boltless shelving options with a range of storage capacities.

Our 200A 5-tier adjustable metal shelving unit is a perfect shelf for various office tasks, from storing office supply storage to organizing oddly-sized items like spare computer monitors. Create extra space or compact shelves by adjusting on 1 to ½ inch centers. Each solid shelf unit is available from 36 to 144-inches in height, ensuring you can find the perfect size to use vertical space.

The laminate or particle board decking is durable, making it an ideal garage shelving unit. However, this material is unsuitable for flammable items. Consider reinforcing these plastic shelves or wood shelves with shelf liners. The maximum load capacity is 300-pounds per shelf.

Bulk shelving

Bulk shelving is a perfect solution for creating extra storage space in a compact facility. It is explicitly designed to improve the storage density of a facility.

Bulk shelving brackets typically come with multi-tier shelving, making them the perfect organizational solution for high-volume facilities. Some are available with leveling feet, ensuring your goods are safe and secure after years of use.

Consider our all-welded steel option if you need a heavy-duty storage shelving unit. Each storage unit is built from 12-gauge reinforced steel. As a durable metal utility shelving unit, it is suitable for a variety of applications, including industrial use.

Each shelf has a 2,000-pound load capacity, supported by strong metal corner posts, anchored footpads, and heavy-gauge slatted shelves. These units are available in a 4 or 5-tier shelf configuration. The larger units are 72-inches wide, making them an excellent option for garage storage shelves.

Mobile shelving

Mobile shelving and mobile storage cabinets can prove extremely useful in warehouses and office spaces. Equipped with wheels, these units create extra space on the warehouse floor, helping increase storage capacity without increasing the facility’s size.

Mobile units allow warehouse managers to open just a single operating aisle at a time. This eliminates standard aisle widths, optimizing limited floor space. They are easy to integrate with existing pallet racking and may also be used to transport goods around a facility.

We stock a diverse selection of mobile shelving, suitable for a range of industries. Our mobile shelf truck includes wheels: 2 non-locking swivel wheels and two swivel casters. They are available in open or closed configurations with a gray baked enamel finish for resistance.

The rugged, heavy-duty, 20-gauge steel ensures each metal shelving unit supports up to 1,000 pounds. These shelves also feature a convenient push handle for seamless mobility.

Garage shelving

Steel is a popular material for building a strong and durable garage shelving rack. If your home garage is packed full of tools, gardening equipment, and machinery, small garage cabinets or decorative shelving units may not be sufficient.

Consider installing a heavy-duty industrial welded steel garage storage shelving unit as a long-term solution for your equipment and outdoor materials. Our 4-tier garage storage shelf units are a space-efficient, open-shelf option for home garages.

These stationary units can become a mainstay for many years, boasting 800 pounds of weight capacity per shelf. The zinc-plated shelves and posts are durable and corrosion-resistant. If you’re looking for versatile shelving, these wire shelves are adjustable in 1-inch increments.

Wire shelving

Wire shelving racks are some of the most versatile storage options. Wire rack shelving is assembled to create small gaps which prevent dust and moisture buildup. These gaps also promote air circulation among the stored items, obstructing mold development. Wire shelving units are the perfect kitchen storage option for large restaurants.

We provide a selection of wire rack shelves for a variety of industries. Our 4-shelf, consumer-grade chrome wire shelving is lightweight but durable. Each shelf has a 300-pound weight capacity, making it an ideal option for retail stores, offices, or small warehouses.

Our quantum storage wire shelving is available in static and mobile configurations if you require a more heavy-duty option. Standard starter kits have a maximum shelf capacity of 800 pounds. However, we also stock add-on units containing extra posts and shelves, allowing you to increase your storage capacity.

Boost Warehouse Productivity With Steel Shelving

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock high-quality steel shelving for various applications. Whether you require a heavy-duty 5-tier shelving unit for your warehouse or a small cabinet for a kitchen makeover, we have a range of new and used options.

If you need help determining suitable equipment for your facility, we also offer planning and design services. When you decide on a storage system, our factory-trained installation crews are available to assemble and install your equipment safely.