6 Uses for Mobile Industrial Shelving Units


Mobile industrial shelving units are versatile and affordable storage options with wide-ranging applications. Mobile storage systems are multifunctional, increasing usable storage space and providing a transportation method for warehouse inventory. They are a cost-effective storage solution that can supplement a pallet racking system or replace your older, static shelves.

There are different types of mobile shelving, including high-density mobile shelving systems, mobile wire shelving, and heavy-duty units. When choosing mobile shelving for your facility, it’s essential to consider several factors: the type of products you store, inventory size and weight, the square footage of available floor space, and your budget.

Important Uses for Industrial Mobile Shelving

If you’re considering upgrading your storage system, assessing all your options is critical. Here are some of the primary uses for mobile shelving and some viable options for your storage facility.

High-volume warehouses and storage facilities

Mobile shelving units provide a cost-effective way to increase the storage capacity of a warehouse or storage facility. While you may require sophisticated pallet racking systems for heavy-duty goods and palletized inventory, mobile shelving is the perfect supplemental storage option. Mounted on swivel casters, mobile storage units can be moved easily for safe and convenient product picking and retrieval.

Mobile racking storage systems are valuable tools during busy periods. Their versatility and mobility help warehouse managers adapt to seasonal fluctuations. Mobile units can be repositioned, buy tramadol online without having any prescription, creating a dedicated area for manual handling tasks. They can also be used to safely transport goods around the warehouse with minimal effort.

Mobile shelf units are available in a range of materials, including heavy-gauge steel. Steel shelving is exceptionally durable and can support significant weight capacities, making it a viable option for industrial storage, like building materials or machinery.

Space utilization is a constant challenge for warehouse managers, particularly when the facility is near maximum capacity. Heavy-duty steel shelving is a space-efficient solution, helping you take advantage of horizontal and vertical storage space. However, it’s vital to ensure the load capacities of the shelves are sufficient to fully support your inventory.

We stock steel frame mobile shelf trucks designed to support heavy loads of up to 1,000 lbs. The adjustable shelves are available in 4 to 20 gauge steel, providing long-lasting durability in a warehouse and industrial environments. Each unit contains two rigid and two swivel casters for easy transportation and carriage movement.

Our steel trucks are customizable storage solutions. They are available in open and closed configurations. Choose between fully open, two-sided, or three-sided trucks, depending on your facility’s needs.

Distribution and fulfillment centers

High-density mobile storage systems help distribution and fulfillment centers meet order demands and improve workflow. Mobile units can increase your accessible storage space, allowing you to transport inventory to your point of need without having to unload or restock the shelves.

Mobile shelving is modular and versatile, ensuring it can accommodate a broad range of SKUs. If your facility frequently processes and handles different types of products, adjustable shelves can help you maintain speedy retrieval and loading times, contributing to a productive working environment.

We supply a variety of high-density solutions for distribution and fulfillment centers, whether you need a mesh wire storage cart or mobile aisle shelving. Our electro-zinc plated rolling wire carts are durable storage options, suitable for daily use in warehouses. We stock three options: a slim storage cart, a security cart, and a wide storage cart.

The security cart has a ceiling and two front doors so that it can be fully enclosed. The doors have space for a padlock, giving you a more secure storage option. Wire cart shelves are sold separately, allowing you to customize your adjustable storage rack as needed. We provide steel shelves that can support between 200 and 225 points.

Retail storage

Retail businesses can benefit tremendously from mobile shelving. It provides them with high-density storage and a safe and easy method of transporting goods from the stockroom to the shop floor. Quality shelf units can blend seamlessly into a variety of retail environments, from firearms storage systems to art gallery storage systems.

Steel compact shelves are excellent options for a weapons storage system. They are durable, customizable, and easy to transport. You can store the entire unit in a locked safe room each night without having to remove a single item.

Mobile shelving is also an affordable art storage and transportation option and may even be used to display specific pieces. A storage cart or convenient slide-out shelving unit is valuable equipment for an art gallery or museum.

Our 4-tier storage shelf mobile units are available in open and closed configurations, making them versatile for retailers, whether you’re selling pet supplies, clothing, laundry supplies, or military supplies. Each unit has a 1,200 lb. weight capacity, evenly distributed across the adjustable shelves. The durable braking casters are available in 2 to 5 inches, keeping the unit stable when static.


Long-term archival storage

Commercial office buildings often require additional storage space for documents, files, and other archived items. This can become a major space issue for businesses without the right shelving.

High-density, compact shelving systems can equip businesses with ample storage for important accounting documents, books, and records. Mobile units can be placed back to back for maximum storage utilization and are an excellent space-saving rolling storage solution. When you need to access individual bays of shelving, you can roll out the individual unit and retrieve your files before securing them back in place.

Our fully-welded steel cabinets are the perfect custom storage solution for holding important business documents. The four interior shelves are adjustable in 2-inch increments. Lockable door handles ensure you can use these cabinets for sensitive information like HR files or account information.

All cabinet elements are made from high-quality materials. Each of the four heavy-duty casters can support up to 300 lbs., ensuring you don’t have to worry about overloading. We supply cabinets in a range of complementary colors, including a smooth black powder-coated finish. Another popular choice of finish is walnut, as it blends well with office environments.

Automotive equipment storage

Auto shops and car garages need a combination of high-density and heavy-duty shelving to store machinery, engine parts, tools, and small components, like nuts and bolts. Mobile shelving can be easily relocated, allowing auto shop owners to use the entire space and move inventory closer to car lifts or workstations during a job.

Basket shelving units are essential for an organized and smooth-running shop. Mechanics must be able to quickly identify and find key mechanical components like drill bits, bolts, screws, springs, belts, and pulleys. Our basket shelving kits are high-density storage options designed to compartmentalize and organize small parts and pieces of equipment.

Our pick rack systems have sloped shelves, providing direct access to the Super Tuff Euro Drawers. The baked enamel freestanding units are available with a range of drawer configurations. Our large units come with 16 shelves, carrying 144 individual storage bins.

Cold and freezer storage

Mobile storage units are often used for storing perishable goods, like food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. To avoid spoilage, perishable items typically need to be stored in cold or freezer rooms. However, not all shelving materials are suitable for moist environments and extreme temperatures. Cold room shelving units must have corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and material deterioration.

Wire shelving is one of the most popular and effective cold storage options. Its open-wire design promotes air circulation and prevents dust build-up, keeping inventory fresh for longer. Dust accumulation can stimulate bacterial growth, potentially contaminating your produce.

If you’re looking for versatile storage equipment for your cold room or need a fast and efficient method of transporting your perishable goods through your facility, consider our 4-shelf mobile wire shelving. These units are zinc plated, offering good corrosion resistance at sub-zero temperatures. Each shelf is adjustable in one-inch increments, allowing you to configure the system to your facility’s precise needs.

Upgrade Your Facility With Affordable Mobile Shelving

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