A Guide to Industrial Shelving Brackets

Industrial Shelving Brackets

Industrial shelving is an important storage and organizational tool for warehouses and other businesses. These shelves can come with different accessories that help you personalize them to fit your business needs. The brackets and hardware come in a variety of designs, shapes, and ratings depending on what your facility requires.

Industrial Shelving

The type of business you operate will determine the kind of industrial shelving you choose to keep everything organized and flowing efficiently. Your specific product may require a particular kind of metal shelving. This guide can help you ensure you have the appropriate storage units to fit all your needs.

Types of Industrial Shelving

The basics of industrial shelving are important to keep in mind, so you understand the general differences between the major shelving options. To understand them you need to know what they can hold, what their purposes are, and whether they are a good option for you. Here are three general types of storage units for you to consider.

  • Bulk rack: Good for heavy products.
  • Rivet shelving: Best for stackable items.
  • Industrial pallet racking: Largest and strongest for just about any product.
Movable Industrial Metal Shelving Units
Movable Metal Shelving Units in Storage Room Archive

Brackets and Other Hardware

Shelving brackets to support your industrial shelving generally consist of iron or steel that permits them to hold any shelving that your facility may employ. Brackets come in a variety of types and sizes depending on your warehouse requirements. Some examples include:  

  • Beastwire Grrripper Bracket

  The patent-pending Beastwire Grrripper Bracket is used for teardrop rack uprights. The unique design makes it the first drop-in bracket for tear drip rack uprights. You don’t need any fasteners, and if the drop pin is correctly installed, it can’t disengage from the rack. There are also bolt-on brackets for flush and side-mounted panels.  

  • Economy L-Bracket Berm

  These cost-effective industrial shelving brackets provide you with rugged brackets that are quick and easy to set up. Sizes start at 4’x4’x1’ up to 10’x50’x1’. The weight ratings also vary from 12 lbs. to 160 lbs. and the Spill Cap. from 119 gal to 3740 gal.  

  • “Do-It-Yourself” Wall or Column Bracket Kits

  These bracket kits allow you to save money by assembling jib cranes with them. This eliminates downtime and allows you to use wasted space over equipment. The kits come with top, bottom, and end assembly fittings. There are different types of mounting bolts, tie rods, taglines, and column boom hardware available depending on the capacity you need. Visit our online store for a complete listing of all the types and styles of brackets available or give us a call and let one of our experts work with you to determine the best brackets for your needs.


The most critical components of shelving are the hardware that goes along with the brackets and shelves. Hardware components include shelf clips, floor anchors, safety clips, clips, nuts, bolts, and pins to support the shelves and attach the brackets. You need the correct shelf clips and fasteners for safety reasons. These small items are easily lost, which is why major shelving retailers stock a variety of brands to help you with replacements or repairs. Some of the popular brands include Lyon old style studs Burroughs, Edsal, Republic steel shelving, Old Style Deluxe shelving, Penco Male-Female shelf clips, Hallowell, Superior Shelving, Equipto Iron Grip, and many others.

Floor Anchors

A crucial component for industrial shelving is floor anchors. Before purchase, you need to consider the type and thickness of the concrete floor, whether rebar is used, and more. There are many sizes and types, including special floor anchors for seismic zones to help better ensure stability and safety. We offer a full range of new and used material handling and storage equipment from quality manufacturers at competitive prices. Call and let us start working for you today.