Vertical Lift Module: Maximizing Storage and Space

Vertical Lift Module

When you run a large warehouse and are responsible for storing a large amount of merchandise, it can be difficult to find a storage solution that holds the volume of merchandise you need to store but doesn’t take up too much space. The answer to your industrial shelving problems may be vertical lift modules.

What is a vertical lift module?

A vertical lift module is an enclosed system consisting of two columns of trays and an inserter/extractor device in between the two columns. The vertical lift module can locate stored trays automatically and retrieve them from both sides of the unit at the push of a button.

The vertical lift module can then deliver them to the module operator at a pick window positioned at a maximally ergonomically spot. This eliminates the need to factor in walk and search time to productivity calculations. The vertical lift module can increase productivity by up to 66%.

Saving space with a vertical lift module

Vertical lift modules are perfect for the recovery of space on your distribution area of the floor of your shop. They are available in a number of different height and width configurations, so they can be customized to fit the needs of your warehouse or workspace.

Their ability to provide floor to ceiling storage allows up to 90% more floor space in a warehouse than standard shelving would provide. This can allow for organizations using vertical lift modules to expand their operations internally without an expansion of their building or a consolidation of multiple facilities.

Vertical lift module technology

Each time a tray is stored in a vertical lift module, the product’s height on the tray is scanned. The vertical lift module then optimizes the height of the tray and stores it in a place where it will use the least amount of space. In this way, the vertical lift module allows for maximum storage density.

Some of the most important aspects of these vertical lift module systems are the ability to customize your module systems with the help of an expert from Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. and have pick-to-light technology, meaning an incredibly high level of accuracy and a high level of productivity as well. This technology allows the operator to know where they need to pick their items up by using strategic lighting.

Other software can be used to create a picking zone of multiple vertical lift modules, allowing an operator to pick from one module while another one moves to bring the operator the next pick. This can reduce the wait time operators experience and can improve efficiency.

Other advantages of vertical lift modules

advantages of vertical lift modules

The ergonomic design of the vertical lift module should not be understated. These systems can make picking and fulfillment much simpler for the operators.

The traceability of products also helps with workplace accountability and easier inventory tracking, and the risks that are reduced using this automated storage system are also substantial. Due to their automated nature, this retrieval solution also means a lower risk of injury to operators and other warehouse employees.

Final thoughts

Whether you are looking for a vertical lift module that can hold heavy merchandise, one that is reliable yet low maintenance, one that is designed for warehouses that need to stock items of different dimensions in the same bin, or something specialized to your needs, Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc. can help you to optimize the storage density of your product. Why expand your warehouse if you don’t have to? A Vertical Lift Module is a cost-effective solution for improving storage capacity.