All You Need to Know About Industrial Shelving

Metal Shelving for Warehouses

Industrial shelving is an essential aspect of successfully managing a warehouse. It provides the strongest, sturdiest, and most efficient type of storage system you’ll find on the market. Having the right shelves doesn’t only increase the safety of a warehouse; it also helps improve productivity with better space organization.

What are the Benefits of Industrial Shelving?

Industrial shelving is a cost-effective warehousing solution. It’s a low-cost investment that provides great benefits in terms of durability, convenience, use of space, and productivity.

Industrial shelves are built to last and can support heavy equipment. The materials can vary, but the shelves are always made with upright heavy-gauge steel posts that securely support the entire structure.

Having a quality industrial shelving system is convenient because it allows easy access to items in your warehouse. It also helps your employees navigate the aisles because good industrial shelving units improve visibility and the use of space.

Another perk of industrial shelves is their space-optimizing quality. They are specially designed to help use the space inside a warehouse efficiently by using the immense ceiling height many of these buildings provide, reducing clutter at the ground level.

All these benefits offer greater productivity at a low cost. Better shelves mean the improved organization of warehouse inventory, creating a safer environment for employees.

Industrial Shelving and Mobile Shelf Carts

There are many styles of industrial shelves, and you should find the right shelving solution for your business. One basic difference is the flexibility of mobile vs. non-mobile units. There are also differences in material and function between these products. These are some of the most popular industrial shelving products we offer at Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc.

Pallet Racking

Since they were patented in the 1940s, companies have used pallet racks to increase storage density in warehouses or manufacturing plants. Pallet racking allows you to use potentially wasted vertical space to store pallets of materials off the ground.

When designing a pallet rack configuration, you should consider the space and height available at your facility and any special features of the building. You should also consider the size, weight, and shape of the objects you plan to store.

Many other factors also impact pallet racking configurations, such as the loading system you plan to use (FIFO or LIFO) and the storage regulations regarding your inventory.

Rivet Rack Shelving

If you are looking for versatility, rivet shelves are an excellent option. It offers a simple design of interlocking rivets and teardrop holes. A great advantage of rivet shelving is that it’s easy to install without additional hardware since the system doesn’t use any bolts or screws. Another common name for rivet shelving is boltless shelving.

Single rivet units are great for commercial storage rooms and offices, while double rivets are better suited for heavy-duty use in warehouses and industrial spaces. Compared to steel shelving, one of the most popular options in the market, rivet shelving allows for fine incremental adjustments to beam and shelf height to suit the type of items you wish to store.

Mobile Shelving

At Shelving + Rack Systems, Inc., we stock some of the most efficient storage equipment on the market. Mobile metal shelving solutions are great for improving the efficiency of your warehouse or facility. Mobile shelving systems are manually operated or electrically powered, and they typically work with rails installed on the floor.

The main benefit of mobile shelving is the flexibility you gain in reallocating warehouse space. Thanks to the movement of the system, a mobile shelving unit occupies limited space and can be transferred between aisles if necessary.

Automotive Shelving

Automotive parts are constantly changing, which can make it difficult to store and organize them. They can also have irregular sizes and minuscule parts that need the appropriate industrial storage system. Our automotive shelving systems have an open design, so all pieces and components have a designated place. Industrial metal shelving comes with a set of dividers that easily slide in and out of the shelves, making their size entirely customizable.

Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinets

If your business handles a huge amount of paperwork and documents, you need a high-quality storage cabinet to keep all your files organized and safe. One of our products is archive box shelves, which work in the same way as office cabinets but are extremely durable and resistant to the wear and tear of warehouse facilities.

Heavy-Duty Bin Units

Plastic storage bins help organize your inventory and improve the productivity of your employees. Bin boxes can hang on panels or rails or stacked on shelves. Creating a color system for bin boxes is an effective way of organizing the workspace and increasing productivity. They make it easy to locate and access items when you need them. Our heavy-duty plastic tote boxes are incredibly durable and last for many years.

Closed Shelving Starting Unit


Industrial workbenches are a durable investment for the manufacturing or engineering industry. They allow you to keep all your tools and materials at your workstation. A well-designed workbench helps employees organize their tools and materials, allowing them to work efficiently and save time.

Our industrial workbenches are more robust and durable than regular workstations. Made with 12-gauge heavy-duty steel, which can withstand exposure to harmful chemicals. We also offer options that can further increase the durability of the workstation, such as a reinforced heavy-duty steel top or a hardboard surface over a stainless steel finish.

We also understand the need for a workstation that is comfortable and reduces fatigue. Many of our workbench models come with a series of ergonomic features, such as a footrest or adjustable monitor arms. You can also choose between fixed-height benches or adjustable-height benches.

Steel Shelving

Industrial steel shelving is a cost-effective, strong, and durable option for any business. It’s one of the most popular options for businesses today, and steel shelving can be found in offices, garages, commercial spaces, and warehouses. Due to its excellent durability, you can buy used steel shelves, and they will still last for a long time.

In general, steel shelves are ideal for small items that come with carton packaging. However, these storage systems usually have adjustable shelves, allowing you to change the half heights and store goods of various sizes. An advantage of steel shelves is that they can withstand greasy or oily items without sustaining lasting damage.

We offer steel shelves with a welded box beam construction, welded corners, and side flanges with triple bends. We have three types depending on load capacity, covering a range of up to 1,000 lbs. per shelf. You can choose from various accessories, sizes, and finishes to ensure the shelves match your businesses’ storage needs.

Improve the Productivity of Your Warehouse

At Shelving +Rack Systems, Inc., we can offer you excellent quality industrial shelves to improve the efficiency and productivity of your storage space. Our product’s quality is officially certified with ISO 9001:2008, and our experienced team can safely and securely install your project.

Browse our wide range of new and used warehouse shelving equipment online. Order now and improve the quality of your storage systems today. We offer outstanding customer service and have helped businesses improve their warehouse operations through shelving solutions for many years. Contact us to find out more about a suitable shelving unit for your facility.


Is it cheaper to build or buy shelves?

While buying materials and constructing your own shelves can be cost-effective, you cannot guarantee the structural integrity and load-bearing capacity of DIY shelving units.

DIY shelving units are also not certified by the RMI or OSHA for use in commercial settings. Buying industrial shelving from a reputable vendor is a long-term investment that ensures the safety of your inventory and employees.

How can I make my industrial shelves look good?

You can use different colors and textures to give your shelves an interesting design. Color-coding shelving can also help you better organize your inventory for easier storage and retrieval.

What is the difference between shelving and racking?

The main difference is with shelving; the retrieval of items from shelves is usually done by hand. Racking systems usually store heavier items, and these are retrieved with machines.