A Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Industrial Shelving and Accessories

When you’re buying shelving units and racks for your business, you need to consider a variety of factors that affect storage and inventory management. These can include the product size and clear height to docking locations and material handling.

To help you meet these requirements, we carry a variety of heavy-duty commercial new and used industrial shelving systems.

Which Storage System Do You Need: Shelving or Racks?

While industrial shelving systems and racks optimize your facility’s vertical space, they differ in capacity, inventory types, and retrieval methods.

Whether commercial or industrial, shelving can be robust but is generally designed to be accessible to workers on foot. Industrial shelving is usually shorter, shallower, and suitable for storing smaller items, such as cartons to accommodate manual picking equipment.

Commercial industrial shelving is an excellent option for supplementary storage for small non-palletized goods in a warehouse or distribution center. Rivets and rack shelving can usually store heavier, larger items and are more compatible with automated storage and retrieval systems (AR/RS).

Storage racks are designed for storing palletized inventory. They can also be used for keeping bulky or oversized goods, such as rebar, furniture, and piping. Pallet racks don’t have the same size and weight limitations as shelving units and need to be accessible to forklifts and other material-handling equipment rather than human pickers.

Types of Commercial Industrial Shelving

Shelving systems are available in various sizes and configurations, depending on your storage needs. These shelving products range from wire shelving units to rivet to easy-to-assemble boltless shelving.

Heavy-duty reinforced storage shelving is designed to provide a high degree of strength to support large, heavy items. This is ideal for storing dies, jigs and fixtures, heavy castings, machine parts, and automotive parts such as engine blocks.

Heavy-duty roll-out shelving

If you need to store heavy inventory items, such as dies and machinery, consider our Heavy-Duty Roll-Out Shelving manufactured by Vestil.

To meet the heaviest weight capacity requirements, this design has a 1,500 lb. capacity per shelf and 6,000 lb. total capacity when uniformly loaded. The roll-out 10-gauge steel shelves extend 20” outward from the uprights, one at a time, allowing you to place heavy equipment directly on the shelving surface.

When it’s time to retrieve items, you can roll the shelf out and use a crane, overhead hoist, or forklift truck.

Boltless industrial metal shelving

Our Industrial Boltless Shelving, manufactured by Parent, is a heavy-duty metal shelving unit that’s simple to install. In boltless shelving, also simply called bolt shelving or rivet shelving, you don’t need special tools or fasteners to assemble the unit. Instead, you snap the components together using rivets that connect to keyhole-shaped slots.

The uprights (posts) and horizontal beams are 14-gauge powder-coated steel. The weight capacity per shelf is between 500 and 1,200 lbs., depending on the configuration you select.

Outside of a commercial or storage facility, boltless units can provide extra storage for your basement or serve as heavy-duty garage storage shelves for sports equipment and gardening supplies.

Compression Clip Shelving

For clip-style shelving, we carry Beaded Post Industrial Clip Shelving by Lyon. The design uses a 13-gauge clip with rectangular lugs that lock into square-shaped holes, creating a durable and stable system.

Lyon offers this product as either an open or closed shelving unit, and the per-shelf weight capacity varies between 500 and 800 lbs. The closed style has a solid rear panel, protecting goods from falling.

The box formations at the front and rear of the roll-formed shelves mean there’s no need for additional reinforcement. The front corners have beaded posts, and the rear corners have angle posts.

Metal storage rack

The Muscle Storage Rack, an Edsal shelving product, is the ideal shelving solution for businesses that require a balance between traditional pallet racks and commercial storage systems. The adjustable storage rack uses a 16-gauge all-welded upright frame for incomparable strength.

Edsal uses step beams and tie bars to prevent the beams from rotating, ensuring maximum stability.

Wire shelving

If you need a commercial-grade shelving solution for your business, Jaken Stationary Chrome Wire Shelving is highly versatile. Featuring attractive rust-resistant chrome plating, the steel wire shelves are hygienic, ensure your products are easily located and don’t interfere with overhead sprinkler systems.

A steel wire-shelving rack can also be used for retail displays where visibility from all angles is essential.

Outfit Your Commercial Industrial Shelving With Accessories

When you buy industrial shelving for your warehouse or factory, you should also consider buying accessories, such as basket shelves, shelf dividers, base strips, and label holders. These items improve organization and visibility for a more efficient workflow.

Base strips

Base strips stop debris, whether that’s packaging waste or metal turnings, from collecting under your shelving system, making them easy to remove. This ensures your warehouse floor remains clean and safe, preventing accidental injury.

Label holders

Label holders allow you to label and identify the contents of specific shelves or racks, improving order picking efficiency. Label holders come with various fasteners, including adhesives, magnets, and clips to attach to your shelving unit.

Freestanding dividers

Freestanding dividers help you keep items separate, and bin fronts prevent individual items from falling off shelves.

Modular drawer cabinets

Modular drawer cabinets allow you to use separate compartments for storing small parts in quantity. These high-density storage cabinets typically have wide handles for easy access.

Choosing the Right Shelving Materials

Heavy-duty shelving is usually made from galvanized, powder-coated, or stainless steel. While steel offers the strength necessary to support inventory weighing several tons, it’s also susceptible to surface corrosion. To find a suitable industrial metal shelving for your facility, select systems made from durable materials and finishes that minimize corrosion.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most corrosion-resistant option available, increasing the longevity of your shelving system and reducing the need for regular maintenance. However, stainless steel is also more expensive.

Galvanized steel

Galvanizing is a coating that manufacturers apply to steel by submerging it in a bath of molten zinc. This coating protects the steel against the formation of rust.

While galvanizing protects steel shelving, it can suffer damage from material-handling equipment, such as forklift trucks. You should periodically inspect galvanized steel shelving to ensure the coating is still intact.

Wire decking

Wire decking can improve heavy-duty storage shelving in a variety of ways. It increases light penetration, illuminating the inventory on multiple shelves and allowing more efficient identification of the shelving unit’s contents.

It also allows ESFR sprinkler systems to access every part of the shelving unit, preventing warehouse fires from spreading.

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