Best Cannabis Drying Racks to Maximize Space & Efficiency

Cannabis plants drying in sunlight

If you are setting up a new facility for your cannabis growing business, it is essential to make the most of your available floor space for your grow room and your dry room.

Efficient space management and usage of appropriate drying rack systems improve efficiency and increase your yield.

Industrial Drying Rack System

High-density mobile shelving units mounted on caster wheels are among the best storage solutions available to cannabis growers looking to dry as much product as possible.

These shelving units are adapted for use in industrial and warehouse spaces. There are three variations:

  • Manually operated (push and pull by hand)
  • Mechanically assisted (using hand cranks to turn and move the units)
  • Electrically powered (using a small motor to power each unit and allowing users to turn the shelving units with the push of a button)

With consistent spacing and an industrial-grade sturdy construction, a single mobile shelf can house a large amount of drying trays, ideal for storing hundreds of pounds of dry buds.

To calculate your final product yield, it is approximately 4 to 5 lbs. of wet harvest for every 1 lb. of dry harvest. For example, if your shelving unit holds 25 drying trays and each tray contains 2 lbs. of wet product, you will end up with approximately 10 to 12.5 lbs. of dry product.

Although your business’ circumstances may vary (wet to dry ratio, size of your shelving units, number of trays per unit), the benefits of using high-density shelves for tray drying apply to facilities of all sizes.

Dual-Purpose Wire Shelving

Appropriately configured high-quality steel wire shelving can serve as an excellent, low-cost solution for the drying process of your cannabis plants. The proper setup offers a dual-purpose drying solution, suitable for both dry-trimmed plants and wet-trimmed buds.

Remember to choose shelving units suited for food service applications, as they possess NSF-certified coatings designed to handle frequent temperature changes and prevent microbial growth.

An example of a suitable configuration includes hang-dry racks on the top level with sufficient space for your dry cannabis plants to hang. Underneath this top shelf, you can also have an array of lower shelves for tray drying, where your trays of individual wet trimmed buds dry properly before the curing process begins.

You may also use wire shelving for trellising your plants. Wide-net wire shelves are suitable for horizontal trellising (also known as “scrogging”), whereas full-cage wire shelving allows for vertical trellising.

Like standard mobile shelving units, wire shelves may also feature caster wheels for added mobility and space efficiency. Dual-purpose wire shelving setups are highly space-efficient and cost-effective. This configuration may be the best choice if you have limited available floor space in your dry room.

Additional Considerations

If you want to maximize the efficiency of your cannabis business, you need to use these extra tools and accessories in your dry room or your shelving system.

Quality drying trays

Before the days of marijuana legalization, renegade growers used paper and cardboard to dry their buds. Over time, they realized that using completely flat and solid drying surfaces resulted in wet spots on their trays, reducing the effectiveness of the drying process and introducing a risk of mold formation.

Today, better solutions are available, such as HDPE plastic drying trays. HDPE is an FDA-approved food-grade plastic that is suitable for contact with food. It’s frequently employed in the construction of plastic bottles for water and other beverages.

Prioritize using perforated trays, as they allow moisture to seep out of the holes and prevent mold formation. These trays are also easy to clean and maintain; all you need is a commercial-grade dishwasher.

Dry room conditions

The atmospheric requirements of your dry room are different from those of your grow room. Using a hygrometer to watch the humidity levels in your dry room is essential to keep the overall quality of your product as high as possible.

Your dry room should have an ambient temperature between 60°F and 70°F. Maintain an ambient humidity between 45% and 55% and keep the dry room in the dark, with as little ambient light as possible.

Watch your plants’ health

Keep a close eye on the color of your cannabis plants in the grow room. Yellowing leaves are a sign the plants are under stress, either from lack of watering, excessive temperatures, or pest infestations.

Do not allow yellow plants to enter the dry room; it will result in a lower-quality product. Check your facility’s temperature and humidity levels and make sure your plants are not sick or infested with parasites.

The Takeaway

Whether you manage a cannabis business or any other type of warehousing, industrial facility, maximizing space efficiency is a top priority.

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