Cantilevered Storage Rack Safety

Cantilevered Storage Rack Safety

Cantilever racking is excellent for storage of large, uniquely shaped items such as couches, sofas, lumber and metal tubing. Typically, these heavier items take up a significant amount of floor space in your warehouse or storage facility.

With cantilever pallet racking, these items are easily located and accessed due to the convenient way in which cantilever racks organize the product.

Cantilever racking systems are composed of three main components: Arms, uprights, and bracers. This combination of components provides a durable, sturdy system in which large cargo loads can be comfortably stored.

The design of most cantilevered racking systems allows easy access to forklifts and are very easy to reconfigure for expansion purposes.

Warehouse employees should remain alert and safety conscious given the size and weight of the items stored on these shelves.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking offers increased accessibility and efficiency. For example, some specialized cantilever furniture racks offer access from different sides of the rack, creating a more open and accessible storage area.

Cantilever racking also has easily adjustable cantilever arms for additional convenient storage. It is relatively easy to install and reconfigure, and it can store product vertically and much higher than most racking configurations.

The open layout of cantilever racking helps minimize the possibility of accidental damage. Also, the layout allows for easy access to all stock, increasing productivity on the floor.

They can also be easily integrated with other warehouse storage systems.

Cantilever racking is cost efficient because it costs less to design and install than most other racking systems. You can also store even more inventory after installation than in most other warehouse storage systems, which increases your revenue potential.

Basic Safety

Although convenient in many ways, working around cantilever racking requires special safety considerations. Federal and state law requires you to provide a safe working environment for your employees.

The heavy and bulky items stored on cantilever racks and the necessity to use a forklift raises serious safety concerns. You can address these concerns by implementing and enforcing procedures that create a safe environment for workers and management personnel.

Basic steps to take include:

  • Review your layout. Ensure the aisles provide enough room for a forklift to comfortably maneuver around the shelves and anyone working in the area.
  • Implementing mandatory forklift training. Include annual safety refresher training for all forklift operators.
  • Install guard rails, and protective posts can help forklift drivers avoid collisions with racks or people.

Regular Rack Inspections

Another important thing to take into account is space for forklifts. When drawing out plans for your warehouse, include ample room for the back and forth transport of materials by forklift. With a cantilevered racking system, this shouldn’t be too hard, as the layout allows for a lot of open, unoccupied space on the floor around the shelving.

Regular Rack Inspections

Conduct regular safety inspections on your cantilever racking. Visually inspect each rack for signs of stress and wear. Check the floor anchors and ensure the racks remain firmly anchored in place.
Keep written or computerized records of these checks. Make sure to address any concerns immediately.

Load Flexibility and Safety

Cantilever racking usually holds oversized product for a variety of applications. Some of these products may be susceptible to bending or flexing when moved. In general, cantilever racking systems are designed to adequately support these more cumbersome objects.

You may need supplementary accessories to address this issue or risk breakage or safety problems. These supplementary accessories may come in the form of a horizontal beam added to the racking, to support the load’s additional weight and length. The beams can also help strengthen the entire rack and help it to support the weight.

Final Word

Cantilever racking is a great way to optimize space, allowing a very customizable storage system and a reliable form of warehouse shelving.

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